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Sunday, June 24, 2007

I thought this was a good topic (https://sparkpeo.hs.llnwd.net/e1/my
isboard=0&imboard=14) and that I'd share:

- RICE CAKES - Safeway has white cheddar ones that are 35 calories...if not that, either plain or salt & pepper...plus Safeway is less expensive than Quaker brand
- POPCORN...specifically, 100-calorie bags of kettle corn. Either Pop Secret or Orville Redenbacher, but OR pops better!
- SPECIAL K Protein Plus cereal...100cal/.75c! I like to mix in splenda/cinnamon or 30 raisins if I get bored of it being plain
- LOW-CAL BREAD (I know there's bread out there that's 50cal/slice)

- CHICKEN BREAST...Tyson has 4oz frozen portions that are convenient and come in a big box...or you can go with strips of chicken for your salad from Perdue...use Dijon Mustard (0 cal), Salsa, Mrs. Dash (0 cal), or McCormick 1-step seasonings for only a few added calories but a lot more flavor!
- LOW FAT REFRIED BEANS...just plain, it can be pretty filling...or try it on the rice cakes with a dollop of fat free sour cream!
- BOCA BURGERS...the Grilled Vegetable variety has 70 calories and Flame Grilled has 90. Not as much protein as chicken, though. They're on the expensive side, but so yummy with some mustard and dill relish.
- DESIGNER WHEY...ok so we all know I love Designer Whey. Lately I've been using Natural-flavored Designer Whey in my "lattes" instead of milk. It has the same, creamy-frothy effect if you mix it in really well. 1 scoop of Designer Whey (excluding chocolate) has the same amount of calories as one cup of skim milk, but way more protein.

- BERRIES - they're better fresh, but very expensive and go bad quickly. Frozen and unsweetened strawberries do the trick for me! Just defrost in the microwave and plop in yogurt or make a Strawberry Designer Whey smoothie.

- DILL PICKLES (0 cal snack)
- GREEN BEANS - I love green beans. They're perfect with spray butter...too bad canned green beans have so much sodium.
- I used to get broccoli and celery all the time at school, too. I quickly got sick of them though so we're on hiatus.

- DANNON LIGHT N FIT VANILLA YOGURT (80 cal/8oz)...add your own fruit-- less sugar than Fruit on the Bottom varieties!
- I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER! either Spray or Tub, although the spray is better for you, I've heard?

- SPLENDA...I have a huge bag of it for cooking or whatever. I used to have my dad buy me the little packets for sweetening tea, but I ended up just eating the packets whole. And that really can't be good for you.
- EDY'S NO SUGAR ADDED ICE CREAM...they're typically about 90 or 100 calories per half cup and about 30 calories from fat. I like the coffee flavor!
- WISHBONE SALAD SPRITZERS...only roughly 15 calories/10 sprays and comes in a lot of different flavors
- TRADER JOE'S SMOKY, SPICY PEACH SALSA - only 15 calories for 2T. When I defrost the strawberries for my salads, I use the excess water from them and mix in the salsa to make a yummy salad dressing. So so good
- MRS. DASH - 0 cal seasoning, low sodium
- SAFEWAY SELECTS DIJON MUSTARD - 0 Cal dip for your chicken, alternative to mayo...it really gives me heartburn, though
- McCORMICK 1-STEP SEASONINGS - Jambalaya and Garlic Herb are favorites to sprinkle on chicken as a quick fix. They usually have about 10 calories, though.
- CINNAMON - I use a surprising amount. Minimal cal

Non-water Beverages:
- Nescafé Clasico Cafe Puro Soluble (Instant Coffee)
- Diet Coke (they make it with Splenda now)
- Sierra Mist FREE
- Torani Sugar Free Syrups (I have French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, and Coconut)
- Lipton Premium Pyramid Red Tea with Harvest Strawberry & Passionfruit - delicious iced and doesn't need to be sweetened. In fact, I think sweetening ruins it.
- Lipton Premium Pyramid Black Tea with Vanilla Caramel Truffle - yummy! Also better unsweetened. Adding a pinch of instant coffee brings out the smoothness.
- Celestial Seasonings Chocolate Caramel Enchantment Teahouse Chai - I don't care WHO you are. Chai is a wonderful beverage. A T of skim milk is yummy.

Ok, so all this caffeine isn't good for me...especially the diet pop. And I'm not addicted because I don't get headaches and I can be perfectly alert without it, provided I get a decent amount of rest. But I like the tastes of the teas and coffees and the diet coke's bubbles make me feel a bit more full.
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