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Monday, August 15, 2016

It's been a while (18 month) since I've been on here. In that time I have had another "little" girl (9lbs 15 oz), joined/quit ww two times, joined numerous dietbets and lost most, and joined one step bet which all accumulated into roughly 1-2 pounds lost. I keep jumping from one thing to another in hopes of a miracle that doesn't involve any work. My eating is unbelievably out of control, exercise is non existent, stress level through the roof, leading to a very stressed out angry mom. When I am in control of eating/exercising and have an organized house my stress level is down and I am a much happier mommy unfortunately this doesn't happen very often and only lasts about a day maybe two that's how long it takes to fall off the wagon and binge. To my kids I must seem like a unhinged raving lunatic half the time. I have to get my eating undercontrol or I'm going to go insane and my kids are going to hate me. I have started reading the beck diet solution again and I am on day three it is going ok. I decided to start back up my sparkpage and right now I'm decided on whether to try to get in the blc again. The only thing holding me back is its going to be a lot of work. Which is exactly what I need but still makes me nervous and the whole new people thing which is stepping way out of my comfort zone. I am painfully introverted which doesn't help things at all.

my goals for this coming week:
grocery list, meal plan and shopping
workout 2x
check spark every day (try to make this a routine in the mornings)
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