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And the race is on!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

I am so excited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.
Actually I could not think of which song I liked better, this one or The Race is On. But both are suitable. I am so ready to get started exercising again.

Tomorrow is the day it all gets started again. Normally I say do not wait for tomorrow or you will never start. However this time it is doctor's orders. He is releasing me to start exercising again, but I have to wait and start tomorrow in physical therapy where they can monitor my vitals and make sure I am not overdoing it. My heart is telling me to do it now, go ahead get started but my brain is telling me to wait. He wants me to start slowly and build up to what I was doing before the surgery. I usually exercise about 45 minutes in physical therapy. If that goes well then I will do my Qi Gong tomorrow night. I know I know that does not sound like I am starting slow but it really is. The Qi Gong is exercising but it is also very relaxing. My whole body is relaxed once I finish. I sleep better and I just feel better. Then slowly i will add the aerobics and strength training back in. Now that I said all that it seems weird that I am looking forward to and getting excited to start exercising again. It is kind of like seeing a long lost friend again. Exercise was just such a big part of my day every day and I miss it. I have just felt like something was missing and I have not been sleeping well since I had to stop exercising. So yeah I really am excited! Starting tomorrow i am back!
In October I go back to see the neurosurgeon and have another CT scan to make sure everything is working properly and that there is no leaking into my brain. I am thinking positive and just know everything will be good, because I have God on my side and lots of amazing friends and family rooting for me.
This is perfect timing too because the fall challenge will be beginning soon and I can not wait to get started and see what we can do! I am committing to at least 90 minutes of exercise a day and hubby and i are going to start going to the park again and walking. My goal is still to be able to walk a mile in 6 months. That is huge for me especially since 6 months ago I could not walk out to our car in the driveway without some help. I always have to use a wheelchair to do the grocery shopping but I am working on that as well. I want to be able to walk around Walmart and get my groceries without sitting down.
You know I have thought about it a lot and while I do have some weight loss goals they are not that important to me anymore. Don't get me wrong I do want to get down to my ideal weight but I want my health back more. I have some big plans. I am going to be able to play with the grandkids outside again and take leisurely walks in the moonlight with my hubby without huffing and puffing. I am going to make my lungs strong enough that I can get back off the oxygen at least for a few years. Finally I am going to live for several more years and enjoy every minute of it. I have been given a new lease on life and I plan to take full advantage of it.
Well that is my plan and I am going to make it happen. So it is now time to raise the bar and begin building a new and improved me. So who is going to join me? There is plenty of room for all.
God bless you and keep you on your journey! Have a fabulous day!
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