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Fall Goals

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

So the summer has ended for me and sadly I did not fair so well over the summer. I started the summer with great intentions but life got in the way. To many sick family members, husband's job change, the children's busy summer schedule, etc. I once again forgot about me and spent my time trying to make everyone else happy and not carving time for me. So now that the fall (my favorite time of year) has begun, at least according to the school schedule I am pushing myself to get back on track. I am excited because my daughter, who normally is the unhealthy person in the family has decided to take a interest in eating healthy and exercising. I can't believe it. It has been my prayer for so long that she would start taking interest in her health. I am not sure it is for her health, more like her interest in boys and going to a new school this year. So now I may have a workout buddy for a little while until the winter comes hopefully.

So my goal is to go from 204.6 this fall to 194.6 over the next 10 weeks. This may be a little hard since I changed my medications up again but I am going to try it without medication and hope that it can be done without medical assistance. If it can not be done then I will go back on medication. I am just hoping my metabolism is not still in stand still mode without medical assistance. I am hoping to have this metabolism problem resolved in 3 months however until then I will continue to chug along and hope to actually see a loss.

So I will:
Drink more water
Log everything
Eat more veggies/fruits
cut down on eating out
Exercise more Cardio
Add in more strength training
check in dailey with Spark again
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