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Forever . . .

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

That sums it up . . . forever is how long it's been since I've connected with anyone via a blog. Early August, I believe, and it's not because I've been that busy but I have been running around like a crazy person for most of the year. I keep thinking that things will slow down but I get going on something new and I just don't seem to get anything completely done.

My house is a nightmare!! Laundry, dishes, papers, dust bunnies . . . .

How's that commercial go? Calgon, take me away!

I try to take time for myself daily so that's part of the reason that things are so behind. I've been cooking pretty clean for my family but we still have a few days a week that we end up eating out. That's never as good as it should be for us, either.

My sourdough bread is coming along good. I think that I'm getting the process down pretty good. I've been incorporating other older traditional things into our diets. My bone broths have come in handy, both for drinking a cup of warm broth in the morning with some healthy eggs, as well as using it in place of store bought chicken and beef broths. My last roaster full of beef bone broth ended up as 2+ gallons. It lasts pretty good in the refrigerator as long as I have a good layer of fat on the top as insulation.

I've also found the adaptor for my Food Saver that I can use to vacuum seal my wide-mouth mason jars. I have 3 quarts of homemade vegetable beef soup sealed up and in my extra fridge right now. Along with my sauerkraut, homemade fermented apple cider and fermented apricot butter. I also started a quart of buttermilk tonight before heading for work. It's culturing on my kitchen counter as we speak.

I will show a picture here in a few days of my new "toy" that came over the weekend. I originally looked into it when it popped up as an ad on Spark People a few years ago. I ordered a new product called Vacuvita - it's a system for vacuum sealing food and it's made in the Netherlands. Here's a link to check out if you're interested at all: www.vacuvita.com

I just got it unpacked today when I got up and started using it tonight. I'm so excited to get using all my new toys!!

Have a great Thanksgiving if you're a fellow American and celebrate the holiday. If not, find something to give thanks for and love yourself and those close to you.

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