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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Man dotes on "his girls" as he likes to call them. We (ha ha - HE) feeds them fresh produce from the garden and lots of fruit from the grocery. Even though we have compost bins and we've talked about chickens scrabbling in compost piles, oh no! His girls get only the best and freshest, because whatever they eat affects the eggs. Found that out when I let them eat fresh horseradish leaves.

The holder for fruits and veg is one of his inventions call the Chicken Spinner.

They love the swing! It's funny to see them stick their heads out to get it going!

He just built a chunnel aka chicken tunnel for them to have safe passage to the big garden. We have hawks and all kinds of predators in the area. The garden will be criss-crossed with fishing wire (with neon orange flags) to hopefully impede any hawks swooping in for them until we are ready to build the new raised beds. There will be a movable PVC chunnel from the gates to the garden and eventually a "play pen" during spring and summer. This will allow us to mow the area. We want them to have access to turn the garden and eat the bugs. Yup, he'll let them eat garden bugs. You can see why our friends call this the Coop-dominium!

This is the arbor entry to the new garden. The right side will house a swing and the left side a garden storage bench. Lots more work to do once the nasty weather is past.

He really is quite something!
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