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My bilaterial salpingectomy experience (Short version - I got my tubes tied!)

Monday, January 23, 2017

To prepare for my sterilization fight I read so many different experiences that I only thought it was fair to add mine to the list of those others can look at.

Backstory I knew when I was in my teens that I didn't want kids. It wasn't that I had to take care of them growing up, I don't know what it was honestly. I broke up with my High School boyfriend because he wanted a ton of kids by 21. I didn't even want to talk about getting married until I had my degree and I wasn't sure I ever wanted kids. By the 3rd date with my husband, it was discussed I didn't want them and if he wasn't on board, that was fine but it was a deal breaker for me. I've been on the birth control implant for 9 years (3 implants total) and each time it was replaced I discussed with him that it was being replaced and is he okay with this decision. I didn't want him to ever feel like he was stuck with this decision. When I decided to go for the sterilization again we had another discussion, that I didn't want them but if he did I would sign the divorce paperwork no questions asked and he could fulfill that part of his life. He again said stop being crazy, I am happy with our decision. (I don't know why I keep questioning this).

Pre-surgery I went to one of the doctors on the Reddit childfree list (Hutzel Womens in Warren, MI). I had a notebook that I brought with all my answers to the typical questions and felt so ready. When I was sitting in the waiting room my hands were shaking I was so nervous. I told the doctor that i wanted to look at permanent options and off of hormonal, he agreed it was a good idea.... wait, what... this was not at all what I was prepared for. After making sure I knew it was completely permanent, and I didn't ever want kids. He told me that they do the bilateral salpingectomy and for all the reasons I wanted it originally. Lower cancer risk, no issues with the tubes growing back together, etc. I didn't have to push for anything that I wanted, he was already on board. I was so excited.

He does surgery on Thursdays and was ready to do mine in a week. I pushed off an extra week in order to get my work stuff ready for me to be off. In reading the reviews of the hospital he is out of (Hutzel in Detroit) people either loved it or hated it but most were birth stories. They did say that I had about a $2k patient responsibility but after i told them that I had discussed with my insurance and it was covered at 100% if it was billed under family planning they were fine.

Surgery Day! I had nothing but great folks working on me. I had to arrive at 7am for surgery at 930 originally. They were able to take me a little early. Once I got there, they walked me to the back and my husband was able to come back with me. They put me in the gown, hooked me up, and then I met with the OR staff, anesthesiologist, doctor, other doctor, whoever else. They were absolutely great.

I have heard from previous surgeries, I am hilarious when I am coming out of anesthesia. I didn't find that the same this time (at least from what I remember). I felt a little nauseous and they were able to get me ice chips which did the trick. I did get some extra pain meds once I woke up, it wasn't horrible, but I didn't want to feel anything.
I peed, ate some graham crackers and had some apple juice and that was when they let me go. It did take me about 2 hours to wake up so we didn't get out until about 2pm when all was said and done. The actual surgery was done around 1030/11 when the dr called my husband to let him know everything went well.

Recovery They sent me home with some Norco, ibuprofen, gas x and stool softener. They said that I wasn't supposed to take the ibuprofen until I could eat so I took the Norco the day of when I got home. The day after, I took Ibuprofen. Day 3, I feel fine, no pain pills needed. I mean, I wouldn't dig a ditch or anything that requires core strength but I can do most daily tasks.

I really couldn't be happier with how everything went! Even getting ready at the hospital, sitting there with the IV in, my little hat on, I was dancing in the bed, I couldn't believe it was finally happening.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love the Reddit childfree sub. United we stand lol I'm glad your procedure went so well!
    1612 days ago
    Glad you're recovering well and you had a good team working on you.

    I'm also happy to hear of your experience. So many women I've spoken to, their doctors tried to argue with them, or tell them they're too young to make that decision because they'll change their minds later, etc. Glad to see there are reasonable doctors out there who respect a decision and a knowledge that someone has.
    1612 days ago
    Happy for you. I've known quite a few women who knew early on that they did not want children, maybe more than the ones who knew they did. (I keep unusual, and wonderful company) Anyway, Sometimes a person just knows, and it's nice when people respect that.
    1612 days ago
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