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AYITL - Blog #22 -Kids & Eating

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

My step daughter Amelia is coming for dinner tonight. She doesn't get to spend a lot of time with us, but because of some growing issues she's been having and at her request - she's going to be spending a lot more time with us! Yay! (Long complicated story - DH is not her biological father, but she doesn't know that - he is dad and always will be. That in itself makes our whole situation complicated. But she's amazing, and we love her to death!)

One of the issues she's been having is being underweight and being constipated. She spends a majority of her time with my mother and father in law and I know she's eating, but I do have concerns about WHAT she's eating. To hear the concerns about her constipation, weight and lethargy at times I decided to do a little research. With her spending more and more time with us, it's my plan to incorporate more fruits and vegetables (fiber!) in to her diet and to try to cut back in processed food.

I constantly hear about serving "kids food" to children - but that wasn't how it worked in my house when I grew up. Yeah, we ate mac and cheese and hot dogs sometimes, but if mom was making chicken and broccoli and brown rice for dinner - you didn't get a special meal. If you didn't like broccoli you MIGHT be allowed another vegetable to replace it but you'd have to at least have a few bites. Or there might be a nice cheese sauce that makes that broccoli more exciting and palatable for little mouths!

So my question is to the parents and grandparents (or friends, aunts, uncles, whoever that take care of kids you love!) out there - what are your secrets? Do you have any experience with constipation issues in kids and how did you combat them? What foods do your kids like that you were surprised by? Do your kids have to at least try everything you cook? Do you sneak vegetables in to recipes so they don't know?

Last night I got another new PR! I got two push presses at 80 lbs! That's 5 lbs higher than my last push press PR! Last night's workout was good. I got a good workout. BUT I didn't do very well at it. There was a lot of jump roping and I apparently forgot how to jump rope last night! At least I still got the calorie burn even though I didn't get a good score in Crossfit terms! AND I didn't quit. Because at one point I really did just want to throw my jump rope down and quit! I was so frustrated! But I finished so that's a win!

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  • CHANCE04
    The way we are with our kids/eating sounds just like how you were raised. They are expected to eat what is cooked and in front of them, everything needs to be tried. That being said, I love brussell sprouts... my kids not so much. Now that they have tried them I don't' make them eat them every time so I'll make another veggie to go along with it. When I was growing up if I didn't like the look, smell of something I did not have to eat it or try it and something else was made for me. I did not want to do that with my kids and they are GREAT eaters, always have been.

    One of mine had problems with constipation a while ago too so we started give her a "big raisin" (prune) every night or every other night and it helped.

    As for recipes... I don't really hide my veggies or need to but what about a loaded veggie pizza....kids love pizza right? Or let her choose dinner one night and if she said something like spaghettios lol say "how about we make our own spaghetti with broccoli on the side". Try to involve her in the kitchen which it seems like you already are and she'll be more vested in what she is eating.
    Way to go!!!
    1636 days ago
    Lots of good advice for you from others. My children are grown and ate meals at home and neither were very picky eaters. I realize how much things have changed from my grandsons. More of their meals are away from home and they order for themselves. Kudos on your new PR. emoticon
    1637 days ago
    wish I had some words of advice for you, but I applaud you for being so interested in your stepdaughter's health.
    1637 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    My daughter (12) has lots of constipation issues - I think largely because she wants to live on pasta and bread and carbs. it's like pulling teeth to get her to eat protein! (No, she's not a vegetarian, she's just an extremely picky eater.) Anyhow, the doc has her on laxatives now and that has made a huge difference. I don't have any tricks, but we have been starting to include her in our weekly menu planning - my husband and I sit down every weekend, generally Saturday morning, and map out dinners for the week and a grocery list. When she suggests a dinner, she HAS to eat it, LOL!
    1637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD16260615
    I am so happy you get to see her more.

    I wish I could help but my kid (19 now) has always been a healthy eater. He rather have raw veggies and fruits then sweets. Now he is in college his tastes are changing.
    1637 days ago
    I'll start having her help me in the kitchen. Kids love helping and enjoy eating things they helped create... Or at least that's the trick mum used on me lol That and it helps teach them life skills they'll desperately need when they're older :)
    1637 days ago
    Also, fruits are very much loved by kids, from what I've seen... Veggies are hit and miss, but add a little cheese sauce and suddenly they've become more appealing lol She's snacked on green beans with me and when she's older...
    1637 days ago
    She used to have constipation pretty regularly but I started giving her Apple Juice in the morning and voila! She's managed to stay pretty regular, especially on days she eats my cereal and steals my Dates lol
    1637 days ago
    That is great that is great that you are taking and intrest in helping this young lady. I have 4 boys at home 9 kids when you include my step children. I agree try to increase the fiber but if that is not helping you can buy Kyoto syrup one TBSP.
    1637 days ago
    My daughter is Autistic so getting her to try new foods is harder than normal... However I have found that if I enjoy it, she's likely to want it lol She likes Raisin Bran and I was surprised when she took off with my bag of pitted dates...
    1637 days ago
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