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I need help with my food.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

My scale doesn't move much, it will go down and then it goes back up and then maybe down again. I'm stuck and I've only lost 20 lbs in the two years I've been on SP.

I need help from some folks that have successfully lost to their goal weight. What did you eat? I know it's different for each person but I need to hear what worked for you. I need a place to start to see what works for me and evidently it's not anything I've already tried. Would like to know what foods you have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and how much. My calorie range is 1210-1560.

I appreciate any help you give me. Just get me started so I can get to my goal weight.
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    I love your dog on here!-- Lynda ----
    1580 days ago
    I can't imagine it ever going up to 70 degrees here--- LOL--Lynda
    1590 days ago
    Well, lots good comments on here--Have they helped?---- My only thought is--NEVER GIVE UP----- Lynda
    1591 days ago
    20 pounds on Spark IS very good--never knock a weight loss!-- --So--I'm back--- happy to chat with all of yu!--- missed you like crazy! emoticon Isn't that a song?---- Lynda
    1599 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15936081
    I went back to a vegetarian diet to help my cholesterol a year or two (or three?) ago. I avoid high fructose corn syrup anything. I make a protein enriched smoothie part of my lifestyle. I drink water and tea and only occasionally have a frappuccino! Don't know what else to say to help, except I use Nutrition tracker. I buy lots of low sodium products, they seem to have less junk in them.

    1607 days ago
    20 pounds is nothing to sneeze at.... Imagine carrying around a purse weighing 20 pounds ALL THE TIME....

    You and I have similar calorie ranges , and I enjoy lots of fruit (apples and oranges in season, etc), For breakfast, I usually have oatmeal (old fashioned cooks in 5 minutes in the microwave... very filling, especially if I have to skip lunch) A giant salad with plenty of romaine, kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, and topped with 4-5 ounces of grilled chicken makes a great lunch. Dinner could be roasted chicken or grilled salmon with roasted vegetables.... Evening snack of Sparkpeople recipes' Soft serve banana ice cream rounds out my day.
    1608 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11945874
    First of all I have to commend you for losing 20 pounds into years because that's 10 pounds in one year and it is very good although I do hear where you're coming from.. I noticed your calorie range and I know for myself if I go over 1400 cal per day I am very likely going to gain weight!....1400 is tops.
    I do menu plan and track and eat lots of vegetables and fruits and one thing that I have every single day for health sake is a green drink that I make in our vita mix...( It is loaded with green vegetables and lots of berries and antioxidants)
    Always get the water quota in .... And tomorrow I will send you a blog from a good friend he was writing about something I think may help you.
    Until then hang in there and keep up with your exercise and it looks like you got quite a few good comments here.
    1608 days ago
    I can't begin to tell yu--because my diet changes a lot--but--I try to stay away from white bread--"The whiter the bread-the sooner you're dead!"--Lynda
    1625 days ago
    I cook 3 meals a day for myself.
    I know everything that is in my food and how much. My measuring cups and scales get a lot of use on my prep days, but, every day use in between.

    I eat higher protein and fat and lower carb. When I started calorie restricting, I was doing majority carbs and was always hungry.

    I don't say I only eat certain things, because I don't really deny myself anything, as long as it fits into my goals. I don't eat pizza very often because of the carbs, grains do not appear in my diet more than a couple times a week because I'd rather my carbs come from fruits and veggies.

    I still drink coffee and diet soda.

    My range is 1200-1550, but, the months I've stayed closer to 1,300 averaged over the weeks are the months I've lost the most. When I get up to 1450 average, the weight loss slows to a crawl.

    And, while diet is 80% of it, I walk briskly an average of 70 minutes per day (broken up throughout the day, but, a min of 3mph). That's my coping mechanism when I'm stressed. Days I do not have that, my calorie differential is quite small. I don't eat back any calories from working out.
    1630 days ago
  • 4AIMME
    I'm just starting but for my body what works best is this:

    Not skipping meals
    Eating higher fat, lower carb
    Having one day a week that I eat on the high end of calories, I don't call it a "cheat day" but I'd refer to it as a "relaxed calorie day" lol
    Snacking on things like apples, yogurt, raw almonds.
    Some things I try to work into my meals often are avocados, sweet potatoes and fish (usually tuna, tilapia and salmon)
    I still eat what I want... I just really try MOST days to stick to my calorie range.
    I can't say enough about drinking mostly WATER!!! It's just so good for my body.

    Typical day for me would be something like this:
    bowl of cereal with 2% milk for breakfast
    also at the office on M-F I have coffee with coconut milk creamer and one teas sugar

    lunch is usually a microwaved frozen meal like Smart Ones weight watchers or Michelina lean gourmet with a yogurt

    dinner is the hardest for me to work out. I use most of my calories for dinner because I want lots of food in the evening and I try to still make what I have work with what I feed my family. I just double up on the good stuff and make sure to account for the actual portion I am eating of things like pasta and protein.

    One of my favorite meals is steak with a baked sweet potato and Brussels sprouts. I use lots of olive oil and coconut oil.

    My food tracker is public so you can take a look at it but I promise some days it isn't pretty... but it's honest!

    1630 days ago
    What works for me:
    * tracking food
    * drinking plenty of water
    * keeping the salt intake low
    * green veggies
    * regular exercise
    * low fat

    Whenever I go low on water, the weight refuses to budge.

    Slow and steady wins the race!
    1632 days ago
    I think losing 20 lbs in 2 yrs is better than gaining it--Good for you!--And so happy that you might take a ton of snow--for FREE!)_Lynda
    1632 days ago
    I am a post-menopausal woman, with an underlying autoimmune condition, thinning bones and 2 brushes with cancer. Early on I learned that the recommended carb target of 50% was way too high to support my body. This past year I learned that my body does not tolerate grains ... all grains. So, no wheat, rye, barley, oats, rice, quinoa, millet, amaranth, etc. Which means no bread, no pasta, no pizza, no cookies, no pies, no cakes, etc. Legumes also appear to be an issue for my body. So, currently, am not eating any beans either.

    My calorie target is very similar to yours. A typical breakfast for me is eggs, bacon, and fruit. I occasionally have grits since my body appears to be tolerating corn. Lunch is typically lean protein (fish or chicken) a salad and/or steamed veggies. Dinner is often Greek yogurt with fruit and nut butter. If additional protein is needed, I add protein powder to the yogurt. Sometimes I'll use the Greek yogurt, fruit, nut butter protein powder and add some almond milk to make a smoothie. I use butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil to cook. I also enjoy balsamic vinegar. I drink primarily water. I also enjoy black coffee and an occasional unsweetened iced tea. I do not add milk or sugar to my coffee. I no longer drink alcohol ... again, cannot tolerate grains or grain products and many alcohols have a grain base. Things with nitrates, nitrites, sulfites, MSG, dyes and other additives set my body off as well. I purchase bacon free of such additives. I purchase as much organic, wild caught food as possible, including my meats. And, know that I dine out quite frequently. I do not snack. I do not eat after dinner. I feel best with 5 - 7 hours between meals.
    1634 days ago
  • PEAJAY26
    Dont be discouraged. Losing 20 lbs is not an easy thing. It is a terrific accomplishment.

    I can't offer dietary advice or a great success story. Right before the holidays I took a hard look at my habits and acknowledged that one of my weaknesses is breakfast and lunch at work. I received a cute lunch bag for my birthday and in 2017 I have taken my lunch every day but 3. I try to mix it up----light string cheese, kiwi, cuties mandarin oranges are super easy to pack & eat, nuke a sweet potato and sprinkle with some cinnamon, leftover veggies, a variety of soups, other leftovers, hard boiled eggs. The more variety I give myself the easier it is to stay away from the junk machine. I hope that the change starts to reflect in my results. I will soon be taking a look at my big picture to decide the next element of my health & nutrition that I will be tweaking.

    Don't be afraid to look for some healthy options to give your diet some variety and re-energize your journey. You can do this!
    1634 days ago
  • no profile photo CD16644385
    I have 10 more pounds to lose after losing 40 here 6 years ago. I don't believe in the tracking system here that gives you more calories you can eat when entering your exercise. I just became serious about those last 10 and writing the hour I eat and what I am eating. I also track exercise which I feel is important to find active things you look forward to doing. I just try to eat healthy but also enjoy what I eat. I try new recipes on Pinterest or take a cooking class on YouTube. My problem is carbs so I limit carbs but don't deprive myself of them. Everything in moderation. Every "body" is different and we all have to experiment to see what works for us and what we are willing to do for the rest of our lives.
    1634 days ago
  • CATLADY3300
    Don't believe the scale so much mussels weight more that fat . take a deep breath and check how your pants fit
    1634 days ago
    Ok, my diet is pretty strict because I have type 2 diabetes. BUT here goes:

    I DO NOT EAT the whites -- that means no white bread, white potatoes, white rice, white flour, white sugar, processed foods. Off limits for me so I can keep my sugars on check.

    I DO eat - sprouted breads, red/purple potatoes and sweet potatoes, brown rice, oat flour, honey (ON OCCASION -- just a dollop) or occasionally stevia, beans, legumes, fruits and veggies (ALL of these are eaten in measured portions. That's the key for me.)

    I DO make a weekly menu, which I rotate. That helps me avoid the "oh no . . . I'm starving and could eat a horse", because I have my meals planned so KNOW what I'm going to eat.

    I eat low carb and am sure to get GOOD fats -- olive oil, avocado are examples.

    Might I suggest getting a referral to a dietician. That could be helpful.

    Oh, and soups are my friend. Homemade soups. They are chock full of veggies and filling.

    Hope this helps.
    1634 days ago
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