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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I am just so overwhelmed by the response I have received from my blog "I Will Miss You My Spark Friend". When I posted that blog, I did it as tribute to a good friend and to share her story with everyone, with the hope to inspire a few to not take life for granted. It touched me that first day that I had received about 20 comments with not only condolences but thanking me for reminding them to cherish life. Even Chris "SparkGuy" himself left a beautiful comment. And even though I had sadness with my friend's passing, it warmed my heart and filled me with love as I read all these wonderful comments.

Now that blog has over 400 comments and words cannot express enough to thank everyone who took the time to read it, leave a comment, a SparkMessage, a SparkGoodie, or even just silently kept me in their prayers. The love and kindness that the SparkCommunity has shown me has been more than I could have ever asked for.

My words may have inspired so many, but the comments that were left have inspired me. It has taught me that we are not here to just exist. To make money. To be successful in our careers. To be the perfect size (whatever that is). So what do we truly take with us or leave behind when we depart? I believe it is the connections we have made. Family, friends even strangers can come into our lives to teach us something, comfort us, listen, encourage, laugh, love. Some are meant to be in our lives till the end, some just pass through. But its not how long someone is with us or how we met them - what really matters is what they left behind in our hearts.

Its okay to be sad and shed some tears when we lose someone we love but the way we honor those that are gone are to cherish the relationship you had with them and to live a happy and full life in their memory.

Much love and light to everyone and remember to live well and be happy! emoticon


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