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30 day challenge

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I am challenging myself to do something (ANYTHING) to be active for the next 30 days. We can do anything for 30 days, right? After 30 days, it should become more of a habit for me which will lead me to an even healthier lifestyle. I am also challenging myself to check into spark for the next 30 days, and to do my food tracking the next 30 days. I will fill in my blog entry each evening to hold myself accountable. I'm starting over today, June 21....apparently, 30 days is a little more intimidating than I first thought.

DAY 1: Checked into SPARK, walked 6,714 steps (over my set 5,000 step goal :)), tracked all foods.
DAY 2: Checked into SPARK, tracked all foods, only at 2797 steps but did 10 minutes cardio and 10 minutes ST.
DAY 3: Checked into SPARK,
DAY 4:
DAY 5:

So my first 30 day challenge was a bust! Doing it again and I am on day 4 of checking in. I have exercised 2 of the four days so far, and foods have been more on target.
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