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started aqua therapy... AGAIN

Sunday, July 02, 2017

I'm having a heck of a time with Drs. I know, that makes me sound like a problem patient. I'm really not. Having a massage license from an instructor who firmly believed in massage as pain management & health therapy, I'm not a froo froo therapist. That's what I will give you if you want it, but it's not for me & my clients come to me in hopes to help them where their Dr. couldn't. Anyone that knows me personally, knows I'm easy & a cheap date. Our massage school instructor taught us how to be in tune with our bodies, how to identify pain as being muscular, nerve, or skeletal pain. He also taught us in class to be able to describe pain we feel, which helps in identifying what kind of pain it is. My previous regular practitioner told me I make her job so much easier b/c I know my body, I know my pain, & can describe it with detail. NO OTHER DR says that. She got married & moved away several years ago. I have yet to forgive her for abandoning me. LOL! Just kidding, I'm happy for her, just sad for me b/c no one else listens to me, accepts what I do know, & is very condescending to me, except my PT & chiropractor.

For decades I have had minor back & neck pain. In 2000 I passed out in our bathroom. At the time no cause was ever discovered, but man did I do a number on my back & neck. A year later it was determined I probably had walking pneumonia b/c in 2001 I had it again. Hence started my long climb to today. I'm having chronic low back issues, all of the above pain. The only 2 people I trust at this point is my chiropractor & PT. They have seen what I've been through with Drs for my back AND my A-fib & they are APPALLED! So it's not me, it's not all in my head, it's Drs that don't really have answers & yet FORCE uniform answers on me that make no sense. Pushing opioids on me that A.) I don't like how they make me feel & B.) don't fix the problem, they only treat the symptom!!! All 3 prescriptions over the past year that 3 different Drs insisted I needed have gone BACK to the pharmacy with 5 pills at the most gone out of each 1. Another Dr said, "I want to cut a nerve in your back so you don't have pain anymore." WHAT???? Uhm, NO! Doesn't fix the problem, it only deals with the symptom. Both meaning, the problem is still there so eventually the pain will return! If you don't have an answer as a trusted Dr, SAY SO! I will respect & trust you more with that answer. THEN say, "Let's try this, if it doesn't work, let's try this." The ONLY people that said this to me is my PT & chiropractor. Hence why I only trust them now.

The latest spine specialist DID say I have degenerative disc disease & it's only going to get worse & there's not a thing they can do for me. But he knew how bad I wanted to try aqua therapy & so he ordered it for me. I go to PT once/week & at least 2 other days/week I'm to go in on my own to do the things I did in PT. That way it's only costing me 1 day of PT & the rest of the visits are free. Yesterday was my 1st aqua PT & today hubby & I went for a nice, slow walk for 15 minutes. Got about 3/4 a mile. The humidity & my A-fib don't mesh. But I'm moving. We have company coming tomorrow & will be here through the 5th, my next PT session. I will then go back on Thurs & Fri to get my 2 more days in. Tomorrow, Mon, & Tues I will get a walk in, as long as it's not storming, which we have chances every day through the 5th. Skippy.

Hopefully I'll have some positive things to report in a month. Hold onto your butts.....
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    (Cont) TV-Glenn Beck) it is a natural powder(?) supplement to help cure pain not cover it up. Hope you find good doctor & get relief !
    1412 days ago
    Can your PT or chiropractor suggest s gopd doctor ? Maybe look into nutrition for the disc problem ? I can't remember where I heard it that certain foods help repair or at least slow down the problem. I have heard of Relief Factor (on The Blaze TV -G
    1412 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    1412 days ago
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