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One step forward and Left Turn!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

So I am down 22 lbs... and working on losing and was on the path towards Bariatric Surgery. Because my lungs had stopped working fully and I have been dependant on the Oxygen Tanks/Machine since January. After all the tests, all came back normal and healthy and only thing they could point to was my weight to air intake % [only thing that had come back low] In early Feb the Pulmonologist sent me to have a CAT Scan to verify there was no embolism in my lungs. They found the tumors at that time and recommend a follow up mammogram. The CAT Scan results were sent to my Primary Care Physician and she then Sent me to the Mammogram in April. Recalled for an Ultrasound & Mammogram again... Then Scheduled a Biopsy Had the biopsy... Biopsy results... back CANCER..... BREAST CANCER... RIGHT BREAST, BREAST CANCER... I am not saying I won't keep working on weight loss... just as I said.... Left turn...
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