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Rest Day

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

You know what's hard for me? Rest days. Shocking, right? I mean seriously...

Less than six months ago, I had to force myself to go to the gym and I had a million excuses not to go. Now, I feel this compulsive urge to go every day and I feel deep guilt if I don't. And worry. There's worry in there, too. I worry that if I don't go, I'll get into a habit of not exercising again.

I need to stop that. One day, especially if I plan it, won't hurt me. Here's the thing. I've been working too hard and I managed to get an overuse strain on one of my knees. So, I'm doing all the PRICE things (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate). Well, except the rest part. I'm exceptionally bad at it. I'm like: it only hurts a tiny bit. I'll be fine to do the treadmill if I don't run. Or: I can do strength training today. It's not running.

I know. Silly.

It took the tiniest bit of research to find out I'm over-training. It even called me out, saying some of the most likely over-trainers are weight/fat obsessed females. Well...darn it. Okay. I need to be taking 1-2 days off every week--without guilt! For the most part, that hasn't been happening in my schedule. So, I'm going to start building it in.

This morning, I announced that I was taking a rest day. By saying it out loud, well in advance of my workout time, I'm planning for a day off. There won't be any guilt when my workout time rolls around and I don't go. I hope. That's the plan anyway. As a matter of fact, I'm probably going to take off tomorrow, too. When I return to the gym on Friday, I want my knee to be well-rested. I can't say that I'll take off two days every week, but I'm going to consider it.

So...today is going to be a true, "passive rest" day. I'm sitting around all day. That's recommended, not me being overly lazy. I'm not going to sneak in a dog walk or yoga or some non-gym at-home exercise. I guess, from research, I should be doing this a minimum of once a week. And at least once a week, I should be doing "active rest" where I go light on my workouts and do something non-impact. Okay...mind blown. What?!

It's one thing to read/hear: TAKE A REST DAY. It was quite another to do research and get the skinny on the why and how. Right now, I'm re-evaluating my whole workout schedule. There was more to my research too: stuff about taking longer breaks once in a while 5-14 days. No... Can't even think about that yet. I'm still having reservations about two rest days a week, but I'm putting that in the "to consider later" folder. I have time. That's only recommended once every 12-16 weeks.

I'm worrying about today (and tomorrow). You'll find me propped up over there in the corner, drinking my coffee and petting my dog while I watch Harry Potter or read a book. And Friday, back to the gym.
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