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Making Good Decisions: Pep Talks and Pats on the Back

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

I can tell I have built strength and stamina as I go on my daily walks. I used to struggle up the small hills--or at least slow down--but now I just step to the beat of the music and move right on up those hills! I look forward to the energy I get from walking--both mental and physical. I have upped my weights in my strength training and am able to carry heavier loads for longer periods without my muscles protesting. My energy levels are so much better than they were in May. I don't feel the need to take as many breaks.

I have been making good decisions about food. I do reward myself now and then and that helps. I take along my own 85% Lindt chocolate when I go to social meetings where I know there will be food temptations. I look at the spread of goodies and find I don't really have a craving for any of those sugar- and processed flour-laden items. I returned to my seat and nibbled on my chocolate and was quite happy--AND stayed within my calories.

Yesterday I had to switch a snack with lunch because I had an appointment at noon. So when 1:30 came, I was hungry. I thought about food choices and decided I was hungry for a hamburger--something I rarely eat. I weighed my options, looked at my calorie count, and went for the burger. I had a side of fries--but only ate half of them--and of course turned down the piece of pie that was offered. I was full--more so than usual--but not stuffed. I think once every couple of months it is ok to have a food that may take you off the path. Occasionally when I do that, I find the food is not very good and that reminds me why I don't need to eat that sort of thing. The burger yesterday--well--it was delicious and well worth the calories. It just hit the spot--and now that I have had that "reward," I'm good for a couple more months at least!

I will be traveling in November for about 11 days so that will present some challenges. And the holidays are approaching. I'm already making plans to eat and exeercise appropriately on the road and to deal with all the food that will be around for the holidays. That is very different from previous years. When I go in with a plan, I make better choices. Even when I taste something that is not on my list of things I should eat, I only take a very small portion.

I am proud of myself for the good decisions I am making and for the progress I have made--thanks in large part to the tools Spark provides. And those tools include the many new friends I have made through Spark--thank you all for the words of encouragement!
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