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The 2018 Finish line #3 Something Majestic

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It was quite cold this past weekend. A great weekend for some indoor fitness. It was also a great weekend to spend some quality time on my journey map. Opening up my heart and mind to determine what I need to do to feel the way I want to feel. Continuing to map out the path that will guide me, offer direction, and get mw to where I need to go as I take each step to achieve my goals. The past couple of days I began journaling on my aspirations and desires. What drives me? What is my purpose? What gives me joy in my journey?

Friday night I watched the movie " Bucket List" with Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman. I have viewed this movie several years ago but this time some parts of it really struck home. Jack Nicolson ( Ed) and Morgan Freemon, ( Carter) are complete strangers , both at a crossroads in their life. who meet in the hospital where they share a room together. They are both at the end of their lives when they take off on an adventure to cross some items off their wish list. They laugh and learn about each other. They do things they never imagined doing. But at the end they discovered that our journeys are not just about achieving our goals and dreams. It's about finding joy.

It's the scene where the two of them sit on the top of a pyramid in Egypt.when Morgan (Carter ) asks Jack ( Ed) 2 questions. 1. Have you found Joy in your life? 2. Has your life brought Joy to others? that really got me pondering and reflecting on my very own life and journey. What is it that truly makes me feel alive? Have I found joy in my journey? And does my journey inspire others? As I began journaling that evening I realized there was a need for me to come to terms with who I was. I have been spending so much time dwelling on my past failures and mistakes that I have been blind to the spectacular and majestic views of joys right in front of me.

As I continued reflecting and journaling that evening I started making a list of my many successes and accomplishments. Accomplishments such as crossing the finish line to my very first half marathon, losing my first 25 pounds, and pushing my limits in strength training and building some serious muscle. Proving I could be independent again after my divorce, successfully making huge strides in financial freedom and saving some serious cash this past year, and buying a house of my very own. I discovered how truly proud I should be. Along with those success and accomplishments, I have a great job. I have 2 wonderful adult children who are successful in their careers. I have 2 beautiful grandkids that have an amazing way of making me smile every time I see them and I am happy to announce grandbaby number 3 will be arriving in July. I have the most awesome friends that are always there for me. This is what brings me joy in my journey.

Jack Nicolson ( Ed) thought he found joy in fine dining, gourmet coffee, and being rich but later after Freeman ( Carter ) pushes him to pursue things money can't buy he realizes he had not yet truly discovered joy. We read so many great stories here about our fellow sparkers doing amazing things and we often assume we will only find joy if we do something similar. I challenge you all this week to review your own story. Discover what creates joy in your journey. Reflect on your health and wellness, your relationships, your aspirations, your goals, and your successes. What makes you different? What makes you... YOU? What are your desires? What is your purpose on this journey? Be sincere and true to your journey. Admit and learn from your mistakes. Forgive and forget... let go of the past so you can see the good in front of you. Finding the joy in your life will bring joy to others. My Sparkfriends when you stand at the mountain top of your journey and smile proudly at the joys you have discovered.. that my friend is when you will truly experience something beautiful.. something spectacular... something Majestic!!
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