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My weight loss journey

Monday, February 05, 2018

I guess to start with, since I needed a "weight loss" journey, I must have taken a "weight gain" journey. Very much so. In high school, I weighed about 140-150 lbs. At 6'1", that made me pretty skinny. Then life happened. Got married, started working in a factory, and started gaining weight. Didn't seem like much, but it was a few lbs a year. At 56, my favorite hobby was EATING. When I started debating whether I should get some 3X shirts, I decided it was time to change things. I looked at what I was eating, and first it just seemed like I was eating huge portions. Then I realized that bread was my enemy. I had sandwiches for lunch most days, burgers for supper or I would wrap whatever meat we had in bread, and when I had breakfast it always included toast. With just cutting out bread, I lost about a lb a week. My dr pointed out that those 4 qts of gatorade I had every day was also a lot of calories, so I watered that down by half, and started drinking less. Quit drinking soda except with my rum/coke LOL, but I never was a huge soda drinker, just when having fast food, which I also quit. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. The weight was falling off at about 3.5lbs/wk, and that in itself provided a LOT of motivation. Started making my work lunches up a week at a time... 3oz of grilled meat or chicken, with either salad (low fat dressing) or carrots and celery (again with low fat dressing). Sometimes 4oz meat and a no sugar added fruit cup. My supper meals kept getting smaller and smaller. I discovered a microwave popcorn recipe that uses coconut oil and you can mix spices in the oil to get some flavor. Makes a messy bowl but cleans up pretty easily. Now my go to snacks are baby carrots, popcorn, and fresh fruit. I got a fitness tracker and started walking 10,000 steps/day. I still have a thing about breakfast, I don't usually eat breakfast on work days, but definitely want it on my days off. I know I should eat breakfast, but I really don't like anything cold, I have to pretty much force myself to eat yogurt in the morning. But now I've reached my original goal, and set a new one 5 lbs lower, so with variations I'm hoping to stay between 170 and 180. It's time to focus on other things now, like getting better exercise. I'm so thankful for all the support on this site, and just reading about other people's struggles and victories is such a great motivational tool. I'm going to stay on sparkpeople, I know it will help me with my maintenance. Thanks everyone, you've made it a wonderful journey so far!!!
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