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16 Feb 18

Friday, February 16, 2018

I have amazing, wonderful news!! We are moving to NC!!!!!!!

Hubby got the job offer Thursday morning. He will start on March 21, giving his current job 4 weeks notice to find someone to replace him. (that's impossible, but they can try! emoticon ) He will go down the weekend of March 17-18, and I will be driving the kids down the following week for spring break. They are providing a condo for him to live in for 2 months, until we all get down there once school is out in early June. I will be staying here with the kids getting the house ready to sell and letting the kids finish the school year.

We are just so excited! The kids were pretty happy with it, but my oldest son was a little reserved, happy but still a little down to be leaving friends and their school behind.
This is such a big wonderful blessing! We are humbled by God's provision for us. He has a plan for us, and that now includes heading south. emoticon

Now the mad rush to get our house in order begins. So much to do. Luckily we recently finished all the major renovations, so there's just small touch ups and projects to handle. Hubby will be busy this next month! The biggest project for him will be building a railing for the front steps and porch and decluttering and packing for me. We still need to work out all the details, but we might just get rid of our old furniture that has seen better days and move anything we will keep into storage. The new job has a relocation package and they pay for movers, but it's extra to make multiple stops and we have some furniture at my MIL's that we will be taking plus a whole workshop in her basement. So moving everything to once central unit might work best. I think our faded and torn in a couple spots furniture will detract from showing our house, so we probably want it cleared out. Then you can see the beautiful hardwood floors we put in and all the new trim. Plus the earlier we sell our house the better. We need it for the down payment on the new house.

So many things going through my head. It has been a wonder that I haven't been snacking like crazy. I've been too busy to snack. That's a great thing! Yesterday I even had to eat a little something in evening because I didn't have enough calories! That's a shocker! So today is going well too. We'll see how tonight goes - it's a pizza party sleepover for my son's birthday. I'll just make sure to have some veggies out for me to snack on so I don't go overboard with the yummy goodness that is pizza and breadsticks. I'm looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. I peeked and the scale was going down this week! Got to watch that sodium!

I have loved my morning time with my youngest. He started exercising in the morning for Lent after the big kids get on their bus. So we've been doing crunches, planks, stretches, some weights and a whole bunch of quick reps of different easy exercises. Then he likes to go outside a few minutes early for the bus and we walk laps around the driveway. He wins every time! emoticon emoticon Yesterday the weather was even mild enough to take the dog for a quick walk.

I'm making progress on my goals, one step and one choice at a time. And it feels amazing!
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