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Restarting for the umpteenth time

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Have just read some awe inspiring blogs and want to keep on going because of them, one in particular by Pelesjewel. Shows the length of time I have forgotten in my muddle to look into Spark people.com. In my time away I have done umpteen different activities and travelled around the globe to the point where I would love to settle down at home. I have started a new weight loss programme which entails detoxing for 21 days I know it would have been beneficial for me and my pocket to persevere with Sparkpeople.com but what the heck as long as my health returns that's what matters. Back in the UK I took up a diet and exercise regime which worked marvellously and that came to a halt when my Mother died and I returned to New Zealand, I then had an accident and broke my leg and that was it, the weight plopped on and I was back to the same old cycle of binge eating and not exercising. We are coping with all sorts now especially health fortunately for me my health is reasonably ok. Only take one lot of meds and thats for high blood pressure. Same with my husband. The fewer meds the better as far as I am concerned. So I have lots on my plate at present but I also realise that I am able to deal with challenges that happen. Suddenly words fail me and I realise it's late at night over here and I should get to bed sleep being an essential on any health regime and I know that from personal experience.
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