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A way of cooking

Thursday, April 26, 2018

I couldn't have imagined a worse way orf cooking than boiling (apart from soup) but over the past few days I cooked steak in a shallow pan of water added spices, salt, turmeric and chillie powder which was beautiful. Together with the steak I cut up a stick of celery and wowed myseIf I've also done chicken the same way which works like a charm. The other ingredient I've discovered is apple cider vinegar. Toward the end of the steaks cooking time I put in the greens and when they'd wilted removed both from the heat and added apple cider vinegar, delicious with salt. Today I had canned tuna in spring water, lettuce and apple cider vinegar was chewing away and something went crunch of all things it was the crown off one of my teeth so it's a trip to the dentist today, not exactly the most exciting place. Who would've thought such soft food would dislodge a crown. Anyway I was toying with the idea of using spice and a little water in my husband's vegan meals. He grew up in England where the climate is cold and their diet was fat laden and stodgy,. They eat lots of chips or fries, fried and roasted meats and fish, cake, pies,scones. bread and Yorkshire puddings all of which is yummy and well suited to heavy work and a cold climate. So as a vegan one of the things my husband does is use lots of oil in his cooking I'm afraid old habits die hard but I'm going to try my new way of eating on him and will see how things go.
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