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I'm Back! Weight Is Dropping Off Like Crazy

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Miss you guys and chatting on the boards. I'm not back full-time but will drop in more often. Life has been a trip but I am centering myself and have greatly decreased nightmares and migraines, along with regular headaches. No seizures either. I switched dry needling to once a month.

I faced some PTSD issues where hidden trauma was exposed and got through them better than I was before. It was me working alone with my husband rescuing and comforting me. There is still more work to do. I do need a psychologist to face some of the worst events. I've finally accepted that. I'm in a much happier state of mind right now.

After I get the MRA/MRI the neurologist wants me to see a trauma psychologist when we find out if it will be covered on Medicare. I have to switch to Medicare and drop my personal insurance. I don't want to start with one psychologist and switch when Medicare kicks in.

Back on April 6 I decided to spend time on me and not the computer. I have dropped 19 pounds as of today for a total of 29 pounds. Took forever to lose 10 pounds then 19 pounds in one month! So happy that it is finally happening for me.

I am resisting my comfort eating behavior with very little mental anguish. I don't think about food much at all now, except the glass jar of Kirkland sliced peaches at Costco. I have a couple slices after one or two meals during the day. Oh, so good. Like you just took a peach off the tree. Snacking has dropped off. I usually only snack when I take my bedtime meds. I have a tablespoon of peanut butter on a few saltines or an apple.

We don't plan meals and usually don't know what we will eat until meal time. Hard to get in enough fresh veggies and fruit. The produce is horrible here. We buy bananas and a week later they aren't ripe. When we finally opened a banana it was nasty. The dogs wouldn't eat them and they love bananas.

I did not change my diet. We eat what we want. If we changed to diet foods and ate carrots all day I would not be sticking with this weight loss. I would be bored, frustrated, and think about food and read recipes until I made a cake or a batch of cookies. That was the pattern before.

Now I look at a serving size and eat 1/3 to 1/2 of the serving but some veggies can get a whole serving. I love dessert but now I don't take a whole piece of anything and not very often. If I decide to eat a cake slice I cut it in half. I cut down white foods a bit more than we already did. Not really counting carbs or calories. I'm just eating sensibly by watching portion sizes.

I just realized I started to think of food after I was on Spark for an hour. That's not good for me.

Haven't done formal exercise. I've done some organizing in the house. Have gone shopping with Hubs about once a week so that gives me some walking. That's it. I will get to exercise soon I hope so it will help me lose some more weight.

I am happy and pleased with my learning restraint around food, but mostly glad I am not thinking of food all the time. To me that is so important. If I don't think about food then I am going from a person who lives to eat to one who eats to live. That is key to lifetime management.

I know weight will plateau as it did for the last week. I know people say you shouldn't lose so fast. Yada Yada Yada. I tried weight loss for years. I've read more books on weight loss than a normal person should. I spent hours every day on the computer researching weight loss and diets and planning menus that fit the requirements. I said no more and did it my way. We eat tasty, flavorful, and easy dishes.
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