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Good Morning Sparklers!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Happy Tuesday! How are all my wonderful Sparkfriends doing this fine day?

I hope everyone had a great weekend! My DH played golf Saturday morning and I visited with my parents and ran some errands. When he got back he took me to see Oceans 8 and we were supposed to go out for dinner. emoticon e fell asleep during the movie and wasn't feeling so great after the movie to go eat. What a bust! Oh well. These things happen. emoticon

I had an interesting day yesterday. My doctor's office called and wanted me to come in for a blood pressure check. Whaaa???? Last month when I had all this sickness going on which I later found out to be pneumonia, asthma, and allergies, I finally went to the doctor about two weeks in. The nurse noticed my blood pressure was high. It was actually higher than I've ever known it to be. It was 156/102. She asked if I'd been in a hurry to get there or was I rushing around? Yes. She then asked if I had been taking a lot of over-the-counter meds? Ummm, yeah! So she said it could've been from that. Nothing else was said. The doctor didn't even mention it. About a week later we had a health fair at work and they took my blood pressure. It was 148/99. I told them I had seen my doctor the week prior and nothing was really said. It was attributed to possibly taking a lot of over-the-counter meds. He then told me anything can mess with your blood pressure, including meds, being sick, not eating, eating, etc. Okay, no biggie. So this phone call from the doctor's office was kind of a surprise. I went after work yesterday and they checked it...twice. It was 146/98 the first time taken and the last time it was 144/94. Hey, it went down! lol Unfortunately my doctor is now wanting to put me on a low dose blood pressure med for a month to 6 weeks and see what happens. I gave in, but I'm having mixed feelings. I feel like I'm getting older, which of course I am, but having to start a regimen of prescription meds? I just don't like it. But I know until I get all of this weight under control, that is what will have to be. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise because it will make me kick my butt in gear! lol emoticon And sometimes I think we all need that kick! emoticon

Maybe I should pet my cat more....if only she would let me! lol

Everyone have a happy, healthy Tuesday!


Kiliki, a.k.a. Christy
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Are you saying Oceans 8 isn't so great? Falling asleep during a movie is a good indication.

    As for blood pressure meds, I take them. As people age their blood pressure tends to get higher. That's in my experience, anyway. And it's very good to get older! What 1CRAZYDOG says, "it doesn't have to be a forever thing." Take the small dose and see what happens. Just don't worry or feel bad about it. Higher standards are in place now, so more people will be taking blood pressure medications.
    1097 days ago
    I hope this all turns out for you and helps you feel a ton better!
    1098 days ago
    Love that kitty picture! Yes, time with your kitty may help, but you have some stressful times ahead, with selling a house and moving, so kitty may not be able to do all the magic you need. It does seem like getting older often means starting to take meds. My hubby and I often joke that we are "living better through chemistry." (I think a local radio station used to say that line, and then would read a list of chemicals in foods like Tasty Cakes or something....hehe.) But I remind him that we are both older than any of our parents lived to be (and we are in our 50s...so not that old, really!), so the meds are working, and that we pay a lot of money for our health insurance, so we should use it! But seriously, if you need the meds, then get them and let them do their job. High blood pressure can damage your arteries, and lead to a stroke or heart attack down the line. My hubby takes pills for high blood pressure, and he is very thin and walks all day for his job, so it's no reflection on fitness. He doesn't notice any side effects, but if you do, you can switch to a different pill....there are lots of options. Also, I notice my blood pressure is high at the doctor's office, but normal at home, so my doctor says I don't need any meds at the moment. Buy an automatic arm blood pressure cuff and take your readings at home, and then take it with you when you go to the doctor to compare results there, so you know it is accurate. It could be you have "white coat" hypertension. Good luck!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1098 days ago
    My dear, it IS difficult to take prescription meds @ any age. However, look @ it this way. #1. It will give you the opportunity for a healthier blood pressure. #2. It will give you a little time to work with nutrition and exercise to try to get it down. #3. It doesn't have to be a forever thing! I was on antihypertensives in 2010. That lasted 1 yr. I lost weight. My blood pressure improved as I lost the weight w/improved nutrition and exercise. Give it a try. Good luck!
    1098 days ago
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