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Day 3,107: Using visual tools to help stay on track...

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Having been on the gain, lose, gain, lose rollercoaster for many years now, I will use every possible method to finish this damn ride!

I get disillusioned very easily when it comes to my weight and often focus on what isn't working rather than positive achievements. With this in mind, I wanted to create something visual that I could look at every day to remind me of the weight I have lost so far, particularly on those days when I am doubting myself or am fed up with a plateau.

So here it is... my Dream to Reality Hourglass.......

Each red pebble represents a pound of weight I want to lose. Each small clear pebble is a pound I have lost, and each large clear pebble is a milestone I have reached e.g. dropping a BMI category, losing a stone (14lbs), hitting a personal target etc.

I made it into an hourglass shape to remind me that these things take time and cannot be rushed. Sometimes it seems like things are not progressing, but they are.

It's become a really pleasant ritual to take out a red pebble (or two) and replace it with a clear pebble. I can definitely recommend that you adopt a visual tool that works for you!

Whatever you choose - I wish you all success!


PS Oh, and if you want to know how I made the hourglass, it was pretty easy - two jars, one upside down on top of the other, with the tops of the lids glued together. The glass pebbles I bought on ebay and I used a bit of red gauze to wrap around the middle and cover up the lids. Simple!
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