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Not food is calorie free...

Saturday, August 18, 2018

in my journey i have tried many things, some successful some not. Recently i have been trying the new weight watchers free style program. similar to here you have to track, which is often where i screwed up in the past. i have been doing really well with this for the last 6 weeks. i also have been getting more regular exercise. I've had some good weeks and some not so good weeks and usually the scale reflects what i already know.
the last couple weeks i was on point following the program and yet both weeks i went up a pound. i decided to hop back onto spark to try to figure out where i am going wrong. One difference between here and ww is that with the free style program there are foods with are 0 points- you can have as much as you like. i found some wonderful 0 point dessert recipes and was so excited as they helped me stay in range with my points and were healthier snack options. The problem is i stopped loosing - even gained a couple pounds in the last week.
Needing to reanalyze what is going on, i ran the 0 point recipes through the recipe tracker on here and discovered some of these 0 point snacks are close to 200 calories. So when i had 1 in the morning and one in the afternoon and one for desert we are looking at close to 600 calories- OUCH! so 0 points is not really free.
I am not knocking ww, its a great program and i know many people who are super successful with it, i just realized i need to be better educated and aware of the total calories and better understand 0 points is not really free.
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