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Slow and Steady

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Oh my, it's been nearly a year since my last blog post. Kinda strange since I always have something to say.

Yesterday, I posted some of my weight-loss tricks or "rules" for myself on a chat board and I figured I should maybe blog them.

I'm not a fast loser, but I'm always either staying steady or slowly moving downward -- so slowly that I'm getting pretty close to 3 years with 89 lbs lost. Sometimes, that's pretty frustrating, but at other times, I know that I'll be able to keep off the weight because I'm going at turtle pace (I'm going with sea turtle 'cause they're pretty cool). It's giving my body time to adjust, too. Even when I'm not losing, my clothing sizes have been getting smaller.

A few things I've learned to do over the past three years:

Barring the unforeseen, I eat at the same time every day for all three meals and two snacks and never skip. That's when my body has learned to be hungry and if I miss I'm starving!

I drink at least 1/2 my weight # in oz of water every day. Today, it's 104 oz.

I always try to get 7 hrs sleep.

I portion everything! I have those pint freezer containers. Whenever I make a meal, I immediately portion it into those containers before serving anything. That's for the main part of the meal anyway. If the recipe says 4, I just divide it into 4 containers, no measuring. Truthfully, I guestimate on veg and individually measure fruit. When I buy something like cereal, I stand at the kitchen counter for a few minutes and portion it out into snack bags. I've worked to make portioning a no-brainer so I can just grab a baggie or grab a container and already know the calories and not accidentally eat too much.

I never ever miss tracking (997 days and counting).

I always check restaurant menus before going out, so I have a plan in place before I get there.

Most important, I'm flexible. Sometimes, I'll eat pretty low on my range and occasionally, I'll actually eat over it (but that's a rarity). The thing is that I never go too overboard, but I also know this is life, not a momentary blip where I eat rigidly to get to my goal weight. I've had to change my mindset from diet to lifestyle. There's really a big difference. The diet would dictate kale over cookie. Always. I like Oreos and I hate kale. So sometimes, it's a cookie...after my veggie-heavy meal. Everything in moderation.

Those are the positive things I do, but I'm still breaking bad habits. I've pretty much got a handle on emotional eating but probably my afternoon snacks are more out of boredom than anything. I'd also do better if I was more active. I work at hitting my step goal every day but a lot of times that's it. I really admire all of you who are so active. As I'm headed into fall, I've recommitted to my cardio and strength training.

I can do this. We all can do this. Slow and steady and never giving up.
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