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Well that was a-MAZE-ing

Monday, September 03, 2018

Yesterday my husband and I decided to run away and have a date day. Just him and I, wandering till we saw something we wanted to do and just having fun. We ended up at a local corn maze. Sounds like fun, get a nice walk in, solve puzzles to find your way out...let's go!

Now, this MIGHT be a slight exaggeration of the adventure, but it seems about right.

Day 1. We entered the corn maze, full of hope and excitement.

Day 2. The corn is beginning to look similar and seems to mock us, plus the puzzles seem to include a lot of math, nobody told me there would be math.

Day 53. After wandering in circles and accidentally retracing our steps we finally find a platform to overlook the corn. This does nothing to help us discover our way out and the lack of flares to send up is disconcerting. Below we see our next clue and nothing else but corn, rows and rows, fields and fields of corn, and taunting us and far in the distance...the way out.

Day 143. I watch my husband disappear into the corn and wonder. Should I just let him go, hope that the corn people accept him as their own and drink the rest of the water for myself or should I follow him? I sip the water slowly as I stand watching him fade away.

Day 215. My husband returns, his eyes tell me he's seen things that should not be discussed and asks for water. Water? What water? I'm pretty sure we didn't bring water. My concern for his well being rises as he lumbers away chanting, "If you build it they will come.", over and over.

Day unknown, all time has lost meaning.

We see the way out, light comes flooding in and we sprint back to civilization. We wonder if our families will remember us, we wonder if we should warn others of what they are unknowingly enter.

As we sit in the car, I stop my Garmin and realize that the corn maze is obviously a time portal since while gone for several months my watch has only moved 55 minutes forward. We sip water, staring back at the acres of stalks waving in the wind and slowly drive away feeling accomplished and proud that we escaped their clutches.
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