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911 - I live in New York City 9/11 is a day I will never forget.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I live in New York City 9/11 is a day I will never forget.
I was at work at Manhattan college when the first plane cashed, some of the students were watching the big screen TV in the lunch room and told us a plane crashed into the twin towers. We all thought this was an accident . I then heard a commotion and went out to check what it was all about. Student were standing watching in shock as the rerun of a second plane crashing into tower two was being played. I ran to the window and even though Manhattan College is at the very end of the Bronx, I could see the smoke in the sky. The cafeteria quickly filled with more people wanting to see if what they were hearing about was true. I remember mostly in that first hour the silence in the room (which is not the case in any college cafeteria) as people stood and stared with tears running down their cheeks .Chaos eventually set in as fear took over.No one knew what was coming next. Parent started to arrive to gather their children and other student left on their own. The school was closed and we were told to go home and be with our families.
I spent the rest of that day glued to the TV making and receiving phone calls from family and friends. That evening I went to mass, the church was packed. I can't even begin to describe the emotions of the people, their just aren't sufficient words .

That evening a candle vigil was held in my courtyard as they were held all across the country.

Please take a moment of silence to remember the men, women and children who lost their lives, the brave people who gave there lives and The Heroes that responded to the emergency.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CINDY247
    Thanks for sharing!!
    1002 days ago
    Thank you for sharing and posting this blog Bella. Our son, Justin is in College, at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ for engineering. He sent us a picture from their lookout the night of September 11th. It sent chills down my spine. I posted the picture in my latest blog. No words can explain how I felt. I just know I will never forget. Hugs,
    1010 days ago
    Bella thank you so much for sharing your story about that awful day!

    Even here in Canada, we were deeply affected by this tragedy - many of our first responders were quickly on the way to New York to give what support, expertise and aid that they could.

    I was at home - on bed rest - after nearly losing a leg to infection. My older sister was in town to see my Mom and they had just arrived when my regular home care nurse came rushing in the door saying - Put the TV on, there's been a terrible accident in New York" We did not kno right then that it was a deliberate event orchestrated by terrorists.

    The 4 of us sat dumb founded, tears running down our faces at the horror of what was playing our right in front of us on the television. Shortly thereafter we got a frantci call from my SIL saying that thier middle son was in one of the Towers for a meeting and neither she nor my older brother could make any contact with him, or his wife or company. It made everything even more terrifying and ReAAL for us... Fortuantely for our family, my nephew had come down with a raging ear infection the day before and his doctor would not allow him to fly, so he was safely here in Canada. What was an immense relief for us personally, was tainted by the deep sorrow we felt for all those who were not so lucky.

    This is a day, even as a Canadian, I will never forget where I was, or what I was doing at the time... It brought back all the horror of the days your President John F. Kennedy, his brother Bobby and the great Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. were each assassinated - days that are etched in my mind and my heart forever.

    emoticon emoticon
    1011 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing. We must never forget. emoticon 🙏🏾
    1012 days ago
    Thanks for sharing.
    1013 days ago
    Thank you for this wonderful 1st person account. I was at work and someone said to come see the news on the TV of plane crash. We all crowded into break room and couldn't believe it. I had a co-worker whose sister was at the NYC airport across from the towers. One of the things I remember about 9/11 is how for several weeks maybe months everyone was flying the flag and the whole nation seemed to be on the same accord. Thanks again for blog.

    1013 days ago
    Such a sad day for us all! Thank you so much for sharing! I was a night nurse and was just waking from sleep when this happened. Prayers were said at our Prayer meeting to night!


    1013 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23569047
    Thank you so much for sharing with us. It's such a very sad day for us all. I remember that day so well. I was still working 3rd shift and was on the way home when I heard the radio station talking about a plane hitting one of the towers. I got home and was watching the news when the 2nd plane hit. And then the plane that went down in PA. I'll never forget those lives lost on 9/11. Thank you so much
    1013 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1013 days ago
  • CHERIM36
    I was on 47th St. I will never forget.
    1013 days ago
    Never will forget!
    1013 days ago
    Thank you, Bella for sharing your story. I think we will, each of us, remember where we were and what we were doing on this day, 17 years ago. emoticon emoticon
    1013 days ago
    1013 days ago
    It was a sad day. Today , as we remember, it brings it all back. My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones that day.
    I am glad that a memorial in honor of the victims was set up.
    1013 days ago
  • CATE195
    We all have vivid memories of just where and what we were doing that day. Being in the city must have been very, very scary. I was teaching 7th grade math when we heard. One of my student's father worked right next store to the twin towers. It was a day that we all stood together as a country. I pray that it will not take another incicdent like this to have us stand together as a country again.
    1013 days ago
    I was shopping at Kmart. I heard the news, but couldn't believe, so, like many people, we headed to the electronics dept. to see. Such tragedy and loss! I can see that day like it was yesterday, and I live in Michigan, far from New York. Devastating impact on the whole country! Prayers again for all who suffered, and suffer still.
    1013 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1987279
    I well remember and willnever forget all 2977 of them!
    1013 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11232210
    I remember the day well - I am a Canadian and live on the West Coast but this effected everyone. I have a cousin that worked on the 85th floor (think it was way that floor but it was above where the plane crashed) but fortunate for us his company had sent him to Montreal for a meeting so he was away at that time - he thanks the Lord above for that but is sorry that so many he knew lost their lives.

    1013 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23266885
    Never forgotten. emoticon
    1013 days ago
    I was on a tread mill at my works wellness center. The TV was on but no sound. I thought at first I was watching a movie but then realized it was real life. I cried. My dad was involved with the building of the trade center, I worked there 3 years while attending college. My best friend from college lost her husband that day. He was one of the first responders; his entire firehouse brigade gave their lives. Forever missed, forever in my memory. Prayers to all who were lost.
    1013 days ago
  • CLO333
    Never Forgotten, Always in my Heart Overwhelming sadness
    1013 days ago
  • READY201811
    No words
    1013 days ago
    Though in San Antonio Texas when 9/11/2001 - my husband and I grew up and 23 of our New York City friends died that day. Prayers 🙏🏼
    1013 days ago
  • ROX525
    I was at work that day and had just sent my daughter off for her first year of college and I wanted to go and get her. I recall they had a plane grounded at the Cleveland Airport that was 3 minutes away from my job as they thought it was a hostage situation. I left work and my 9th grader was home sick and watching this on TV. It really traumatized him. In memory today and everyday of all those precious people we lost.
    1013 days ago
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