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The mountain

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Today was another chance to chat with my coach Suzanne Culberg ( healthwithoutshame.com/ ). I have been trying to identify how holding onto this weight is keeping me safe, and we uncovered a doozy. I am afraid of maintenance emoticon .

If you think of weightloss as this huge mountain, and you climb up the crags and slip down the crevasses, and struggle and strive and strive...

Until finally WOOHOOOO you are at the top. You have reached the peak, the pinnacle, the zenith! Yayyyy.

But you can't relax there. There's no slacking off, no reward for all your efforts. The price of safety is eternal vigilance, right? You can't let your guard down... you are now stuck in MAINTENANCE mode forever... balanced precariously on that perilous peak of success.

And the only way out of maintenance mode is DOWN.... maybe not all the way down, but every little slip means you have to start climbing all over again. You can never stop striving or you will lose everything you have worked so hard for. (Remembering that this is just the story I have, the program running in my head.)

Of course the easy answer - the only answer - is going to be to stay at the bottom of the mountain. Why would you bother doing otherwise? It's so comfy down here. You get little spurts of optimism, days when the mountain doesn't seem quite so forbidding, and you make a start, but you soon slide back to the beginning again, because that's where you belong if you're not prepared to be disciplined and hustle. Going with ease and flow means the only way is down, right?

But what if I can change that image? What if I can start to see it like this?

And then maybe, this could become possible...

And eventually... maybe... even this...

Which is where my imagining comes undone - because it has to be hard right? It can't just be easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and there would be no obesity. I am not going to try to bridge that gap today, I am just contemplating the scenery and noticing how little shifts in perspective may make a massive difference in attitude...
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