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Monday, October 22, 2018

I was sparked today in a group and wanted to share it here so I can come back and read it when I need to. I was talking to myself when I wrote this just as much as anyone else, and I know I'll need to hear it again (and again, and again). :)

We wouldnt stand by and watch someone abuse our babies (no matter how old they are), and yet we stand by and watch ourselves abuse ourselves!! We are emotionally and physically abusing ourselves! We talk down to ourselves and we neglect to feed ourselves the right foods and to get ourselves out of the house to get fresh air and move. It is total neglect, abuse, and we're standing by and letting it happen! If someone was treating our kids this way we wouldnt have it. So why are we ok with treating ourselves this way?
We CAN do better. We WILL do better. TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!

Today we use a new language..
"I am beautiful." "I am brave." "I can do hard things."

Today we look at self care in a new way..
If I was caring for my child, how would I care for them? I would make sure they didnt have too much sugar. I would make sure they ate their veggies. I would make sure they got their exercise and some fresh air. ALL because I know it's good for them and they need it.

WE are children of God and how much more does He want these things for us?

Again, today is the day we start to do things with fresh new eyes. Our bodies are a gift. We should care for them as we would any gift we love, with gentle loving care.

We treat our house plants better than we do ourselves!! Well, not anymore!! lol!! It's a new day!!
We can do great amazing things, hard things!! And this shouldnt be a hard thing. We shouldn't struggle so much to take care of such an amazing gift we've been given. It should be a GIVEN that we would take care of this amazing gift of life.

Today we will. TODAY we will RISE up and become who we are meant to be. We will look in the mirror and see ourselves as the GIFT we are. We are precious.. precious gifts. We deserve all the love and attention we would give to someone else. We deserve all of the amazing things this world has to offer. We deserve joy and happiness and love. And it all starts here and now and with us.

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