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The Thanksgiving Slump- Not Anymore!

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

BRRRRR. DECEMBER is heading our way! That usually makes people want to give up because they are in a post Thanksgiving SLUMP.

Don’t give up now until January! You could gain 10 or more pounds between now and then or lose 4-8. Which would you rather do? Wouldn’t your Christmas and New Year’s outfits look so much cuter if you were, say 5 pounds smaller or a few inches smaller?

You know you can do this! It’s a matter of small positive healthy choices made each day, not big sweeping changes and perfectionism. Perfectionism is your enemy and it LIES to you! It tells you things like “You blew it so you’re a complete failure. Go ahead and completely fail!”

The TRUTH is that we all have moments that we fall flat on our faces and we all succeed too! Let’s just make those successful moments outweigh the less successful ones with consistency. If you blow it, get back on it! (Right Away!)

Work hard on loving yourself and taking time for yourself especially this season. It’s terribly hard for those of us who are people pleasers and stress collectors. Make this the year you schedule time in your calendar for you to work it, manage stress, plan meals and get healthier. Leave the house with your calendar if you have to.

Forgive every mistake and never say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a child. In other words, you would never say “Well, you blew it again. Might as well give up. You’re never going to get it right.” Think about telling your child that when it tries time after time to walk and falls down.
Make sense now?

Beth Donovan
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