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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Don’t Give Up just because it’s right before Christmas and New Years- right after Thanksgiving!
All is not lost!

Think anew! Act anew! Famous words spoken by Abrahm Lincoln.

Thinking in a new way helps us to act in a new way. Behaviors follow what we think, so change your mind, not your diet. Diets don’t work if you haven’t figured that out yet. Yes, they work while you can stick to them, but it’s kind of like diving under water without an oxygen tank... you have to come up for air eventually.

Lifestyles work. So how do you change your mind so that your behaviors mirror a new lifestyle?

I can speak only from my experience. I journaled all of my crazy food thoughts. Then I wrote back to them in sane thought. I figured out how to change my thinking that way. Then I created a mantra to remember so that I could pull it up to remember the sane thought. It reminded me in times of temptations that I was thinking illogically.

Example: Crazy thought: I should eat this whole thing of cookies so it will be out of the house. I’ll start my diet tomorrow and be perfect.
Sane Thought: Perfect is a lie. How many times have you ever had the last of anything? You know you will eventually eat it again, so why not eat a serving with a piece of fruit and a drink to fill you up. The natural sugars will help and so will the fiber. Have some protein too because it keeps you fuller longer- then you won’t possibly be hungry. Mantra: Perfection is a lie, Moderation’s the stuff to try. ~Beth Donovan

That is also an example of what I call the CROWD OUT LIFESTYLE. You crowd out unhealthy behaviors by achieving healthier ones. If I ate the protein, fruit and drink, I would have my tummy too crowded for a second or third serving of cookies.

Crowding out works in many areas of life. Crowd out negative behaviors and thoughts with positive ones.

Love to you all and hoping this helps!

Beth Donovan

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