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New Years Resolutions or A New Attitude?

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

We can really make all the resolutions we want to, but without a new attitude, just like a diet, they don’t stick.

The way to make something stick is to change our mindset.

I made that a separate paragraph on purpose. I want it to really hit home. We can do nothing without changing our minds first.

How I REALLY lost weight had nothing to do with a diet. I stopped depriving myself. I used to think in terms of less calories, no deserts, less carbs, THINGS THAT TAKE FROM MY LIFE... I went nuts and binged, fell of the wagon, tried to climb back on... fell off on and off on and off...

Now I concentrate on being good to myself, liking myself, self care, nourishment, quality of food, healthy habits, things that ADD TO MY LIFE... I sometimes eat less healthy options and I’m forgiving to myself because that’s kind. I move on. I feel free and not so restricted and shamed.

I track my food yes- it helps me see that I am getting enough nourishment. Also, if I am going over the best amount of calories for my body, I keep tracking. I keep tracking no matter what. As the calories climb, my awareness climbs that I am in a danger zone. I may or may not stop, but I am aware and awake and real with myself. That helps me make solid food and movement decisions.

Think I’m terms of positives this year- What can you do/add to your life? Make positive plans for healthy habits, but only a few at a time. Too many becomes overwhelming. Being positive creates and does not leave a hole in your life. Making “I won’t” or “”Don’t” or other negative rules leaves a hole. When we leave a hole, we mentally want to fill that hole with our old habit again or some new habit.

Beth Donovan

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