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When You Zoom in, the Lines Aren't Cut and Dry

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

I like to draw and edit on my computer. I often have to zoom in to 400 percent or more to clean things up. When I can see every pixel, I notice what I consider solid black lines on white background are really gray-scale on the very edges. In other words, when looking at the boundaries, they're more blurred than I realize.

What does this have to do with a Health Star? (For more information on the Health Star concept, see my blog "Becoming a 'Health Star'" www.sparkpeople.
and the several following.) I am a "black and white" person. For me, it is almost always "either/or," not "both/and." That is my personality. Granted, I can often come up with multiple more ideas and possibilities than those around me, but I tend to decide on one, or the other. The line is the line. We cross the line, or we don't and the line doesn't move or change. Though this works for me and there are some situations this holds true, often this is not not arbitrary.

I need to track my eating. If I do not, I have no idea what I have eaten, or how much and it is always more than I think. When I do track, I can see how much I can still eat and make wise choices based on whether I need more protein, fat or carbohydrates. I have food choices for any one, or any combination of any two, depending on my ratios.

Despite that, I often am in situations where I am eating at a restaurant, a meal given by a friend, a funeral, a business meeting, etc. It happens two or three times a week. Now what? I have spent as much as thirty minutes guessing what I have eaten and trying to find a middle number, based on compilations of several recipes. Other days I find I am slightly over on my fat, or my fiber, or my sugars.

Yet, the day before, or the day after finds me lower in those very same areas. On any given day, I might hit all my numbers perfectly once or twice a week. Over the week, I find my numbers are more than adequate. Week to week, I find I am on track and healthier. I could be even more relaxed, if I stop stressing over each line at each moment.

A Health Star stays in the lines, but the lines are not always perfectly straight or crisp. The line itself has blurs. A Health Star looks at the forest and not just the tree. Both are beautiful, but looking at both allows each to be more beautiful in light of the other.

If you are going to look at the tiny little details, remember the lines are blurred when you zoom in. You also cannot tell what you are really looking at, other than numbers, like pixels, until you zoom out and look at the whole picture.

Shine on, Health Star, shine on! emoticon
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