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What Would You Do??

Saturday, March 09, 2019

This is imaginary for some and reality for others. Imagine, that you have worked long and hard to meet your Ultimate Goal Weight. Finally, you are at the weight you have been working so hard for. In all the excitement and celebrations and maybe a treat you don't normally eat, you ask yourself "What next?" Do I continue on the path I am currently following, or do I choose yet another path? What foods do I start adding back into my diet that I previously stopped eating? Where do I go to find out what path I should take? Do I listen to my heart? Do I ask a friend? Do I talk with my doctor? Do I check the internet? What would you do?

Now, Imagine that you have been in maintenance for say one month. You continued to follow the path you took to lose the weight to begin with. You began adding some of the foods that you forbid yourself to eat. What would you do if you started to gain weight? Who would you turn to for ideas on what to do next?

I have been in maintenance now for a little over a year. For the past 10 weeks, I haven't gained one ounce. I have been maintaining the same weight. Today when I weighed, I nearly passed out. My Wii board said I weighed nearly 5 pounds more than my ultimate goal weight. I began to panic and wondered how in the world I could gain nearly 5 pounds in a week? Well, I can think of a few things. So I changed the batteries in the Wii board and yes, alas, I weighed again. Whew, I weighed my ultimate goal weight!! Praise God! WHEW! But it got me to thinking, what would I do if that were reality?? Who would I turn to?

So now I am posing the question to my SparkFriends. If you had met your Ultimate Goal Weight and you fought hard for every pound lost. What would you do if you started to gain the weight back? Would you add more exercise? (I do a lot of exercise.) Would you change what you are eating? Would you just give up? What would you do to return to your Ultimate Goal Weight?
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    298 days ago
  • RUTHIE254
    Don't give up! I think our stories are similar, and we're close in age. I lost weight a number of years back -- then slowly gained most of it back. I re-started on January 7 and have lost 26 pounds -- another 24 to my goal weight. I'm going slow but steady. I do NOT want to do this again! When I get to my goal, I want to MAINTAIN! I think that I'll have to keep weighing myself every morning, forever--to keep myself accountable. I'll need to keep tracking my food, ALWAYS. I did a 5K a few weeks back (walking & running), and am looking for another later this summer -- that I would RUN (slowly) the entire distance. When I meet my goal weight, I need to set a new fitness goal -- like doing a 10K. Always new goals, keep moving forward.
    775 days ago
    I'm going with eating the same. I have not lost weight fast because I do not deny muscle the foods that I would "add" when done. It is (hahahahahahaha) good food for thought tho. THere is an emotional attachment to the whole process of losing weight that once you hit the goal is now gone forever, unless of course you regain it. NOOOOOOOOOO I do hate it when the batteries give you a scare like that. UGH! Thank you for blazing a trail for us to follow once we get to goal.
    826 days ago
    I would continue to eat the same way you ate when you were losing. I'd see what that does. Some people level out at that point and stay at maintenance. Then, I would set up a workout schedule, without extreme workouts, and find some new challenges,
    826 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    maintenance would be the best root to start...........
    all the best.........

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    827 days ago
    Hi Nola. emoticon

    These are great questions. I am going to "echo" POINDEXTRA. I am also a daily weigher, use Weightgrapher to see the trend, and routinely track nutritional intake.

    I do not know how much you have lost. But, I would take a deep breath and put the 5 lbs. in perspective. Return to what has worked for you and if those things are no longer working then, maybe, the nutritional intake and/or composition needs to change.

    Ironically, sometimes the intake needs to go up for the body to be willing to shed the weight. Could one be over restricting as opposed to not restricting enough. That's why the tracking can be such a useful tool. We can review what we've done during successful periods and compare it to what we're currently doing.

    Also, I'd look at recent activity. Has it changed? Has the intensity changed? For me, increased activity, be it more time or increased intensity, tends to lead to weight gain for about 3 weeks until my body adjusts to the new physical demands and then, the weight settles back down.

    Know that it is a learning process and there will likely continue to be ups and downs. Maintenance is about learning to manage the ups and downs and contain them to healthy routine fluctuations.

    I think one of the biggest things I've learned about maintenance is thinking in terms of a maintenance range and not a specific number on the scale.
    828 days ago
    I simply return to weight loss mode, back to basics. Usually it's a matter of beefing up the exercise, paying closer attention to nutrition or a combination of both. Journaling or traking helps me pinpoint.

    Glad that the battery change was the answer!
    828 days ago
    828 days ago

    Do what I had been doing before which is what I have had to do countless times again along with seeing a doctor because my body is doing some really strange things that they are not able to figure out yet but that's okay because God wants everything in writing for me in my records so it's all documented!!!


    - Nancy Jean -
    828 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I definitely would immediately return to weight loss mode. 5lbs, would be devastating to me. When I get to my ultimate goal I will be very very careful on what I eat. By that time, I would think I would be in the healthy diet mode and I would continue to eat a bit less until the weight came back off. I would also increase exercise, by maybe walking a bit more, and I would cut out even more sugar. I promise myself that I would be diligent in tracking what I put in my mouth. That has been the big thing for me. Knowing what I am eating and the amount of carbs I have consumed.

    Once I am there I never ever ever want to go back. I've been fighting this battle for so long, I just can't go back.
    828 days ago
  • YICHE12
    I cannot wait to reach my ultimate goal weight. I still have a way’s to go though. However, when I do reach it I know that maintenance is just as hard as losing so I will join the maintenance team on SP, continue tracking and exercising because that is the only way. Being on SP is a lifelong lifestyle change!
    828 days ago
    I'd definitely turn to Sparkpeople. I'm in maintenance and still track everything to keep myself accountable. I'd review what I've been eating and where/how often I when over my range for calories, carbs & protein. I'd work back to goal from there.
    828 days ago
    Great questions. I would definitely not give up. I'd examine my food log to see what I might have eaten to cause it. If I hadn't been tracking, I'd start tracking to see if portion creep had gotten the better of me. For what it's worth, I weigh myself every morning and use Weightgrapher to see the trend. This helps me to know when an uptick is caused by a high-sodium restaurant meal or something else.
    828 days ago
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