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A day for the books

Friday, July 12, 2019

Today was the day... the day that my positive outlook experiment was truly put to the test. Lord have mercy.

The stay started with sleeping through my alarm, so I didn't have time for my morning cardio. That's okay, I said to myself, I don't work job 2 today so I can do it in the evening. First crisis averted!

When I arrive to work for job 1, my coworker had a very bad, no good kinda weekend and proceeded to dump her negativity on me. See I struggle with that because I'm an empath and I truly feel what people feel as their feeling it. You're happy. I'm happy. You're mad. I'm mad... and so on. Again, I told myself, that's okay Heather. The good lord out you on this earth to be the shoulder people need. Dusted myself off and kept going through my day. Second crisis averted.

A few hours into my shift my computer crashed and the data spreadsheet I had been working on didn't auto save as it normally would have. Hours of work down the tube, and this is a project with a strict deadline. Ugh. It's okay Heather, it's a good way to maybe find a more efficient way to compile and sort the data. Third crisis averted-ish. I won't bore you with the details.

While furiously playing catch up, my husband calls and says that he's flying home tomorrow, yay! A week early. Nope, he will be home for less than 24 hours to return to a different work sight and be gone an additional 3 weeks, maybe even four!! He's already been gone 3 weeks. Ew. Count your blessings Heather, the money will be a blessing for the family. Fine.

To be honest my fellow Sparkers I really struggled today to find positivity. When I finally came home from work, I threw together dinner then proceeded to a very sweaty, tiring aerobic session. That is exactly what I needed. The days small stresses just melted away. Again, It was exactly what I needed. It is today's mantra. Lol.

My three "little moments":

1. Today my girlfriend and I made plans to try out a new dance exercise dvd she found.
2. I learned that exercise is the best stress buster.
3. My baby girl is adorably excited for bible camp next week. This is her first time and she gets to bunk with her best friend.

Signing off for the night my fellow Sparkers. Cheers!
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