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Advantages for losing weight & Why

Monday, September 09, 2019

Here is a list of some advantages to losing weight:

1. Feel better about myself
2. Fitting into smaller clothes
3. Being able to dance
4. If I ever become a grandparent being able to spend quality time with my grandkids
5. Walking without getting winded
6. Not having aches and pains
7. wearing nicer clothes to work
8. Being able to sing better because I will be able to hold more air to sing longer, louder notes.
9. Help my Achilles tendon heal and possibly prevent me from aggravating it or not injure again.


Losing weight will help me feel better about myself. I will also set a better example for my daughter and any grandchild I might have. I have noticed that smaller clothes usually cost less so I will be able to save money when I buy smaller clothes.

Losing weight will also help me walking with my significant other without getting winded or getting tired quickly.

I will feel more comfortable at work and not feel like people stare at me in the clothes that are currently too tight for me. I love to sing and I notice that the weight makes it difficult for me to hold notes that I used to be able to hold.

I have injured my Achilles tendon and the weight aggravates it and sometimes I have trouble walking, losing the weight will take the strain off my Achilles and also my hips.

Dance with my partner/BF without feeling tired or winded too early.

Those are some the advantages to losing weight and why losing weight is a right for me.
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