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Monday, September 23, 2019

BIL came over after church today to set up this new cable box for me. Problems from the get go. It is so different from my previous one, but he did finally got all the wires connected (with a little help from my spares box) But when it came time to go online to activate it, he kept getting error messages. Starting with the different information on the TV screen that would not be accepting, to the lack of clearly marked serial number....... There is 4 different numbers on the back of the box and not one of them is clearly marked. So he took his best guess but was wrong. Happened again and again. Finally I called Shaw and it turns out someone there had not registered this cable box to my account. They had to update software and reset the box about 6 times before it would finally activate.

I spent over 4 hours trying to set up series recordings, but it is not compatible to little old ladies with very poor vision. And once everything is set up, it seems there is not a good screen to see what is scheduled, I want to clearly see what is scheduled and what the conflicts are, but if there is a conflict it deletes one scheduled and then I don't know which one got deleted. I have to scroll through the guide on screen channel by channel, and if I want to see a listing of all other recording of the same show, it shows the times but not the channels. What good does that do me! I want to see it all on the screen, I don't want to have to write everything down so I can see what is going on.

A lot of people might find this crazy, but I also like to record several episodes of the same show - namely the soap operas I watch. I like to record a U.S. channel but just in case there is a partial preemption (say for a press conference) I like to have it recorded on a Canadian Channel. Also, I get 2 PBS channels and often they will air the same show but not the same episode (sometimes not even from the same season!) So again, I used to set it on all channels automatically, as I could always delete a show I had recently seen. But this box is not letting me do that. When I try to set the second channel, it cancels the first channel. I can't even make a choice to record on "one channel only" or on "all channels" the way my previous unit did.

This week is the start of the fall television season so I want to be able to record my fav shows so I can watch at my leisure. I don't want to be stuck in front of the TV all day every day. I do have other things to do, places to go....

Well I finished my Sparking so now back to the drawing board and hopefully I can make some progress. Wish me luck!
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