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I am almost a Marine MoM

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

My middle child is currently in San Diego at Boot Camp for the Marines. He has been there since July 15. I have not had any communication with him besides a letter every week. I miss my son like crazy!

He is currently in the last task to pass before officially earning the title of Marine... The Crucible.

The Crucible consists of:

54 Hours
48 Miles
45-50 Pounds of Gear
36 Stations to Pass
29 Problem Solving Exercises
Only roughly 6 Hours of Sleep
2 MRE's to Eat

He started the Crucible yesterday morning at 2:00 AM and should finish on Thursday around 8:00 AM. At that time he will have earned that title..... United States Marine!

As a mom I am on edge. I am anxious... worried... proud... excited...
He has wanted this for so long. It has been his career path since he was in second grade.

To help make me feel closer to him I am doing things during this 54 hours. Yesterday me and another soon-to-be Marine mom went on a weighted hike. We filled our back pack with a 25 pound weight and set out to hike at a local state park.

It was a very humid day and you could just feel the rain moving in. But we didn't care.... we were doing this no matter what! We picked a state park with a ton of hills on purpose. Our boys are climbing mountains over in San Diego at Camp Pendleton, surely we could take a few hills.

I brought along my selfie stick so we could take pictures and document along the way. We both want to show our boys what we did for them as they completed the Crucible.

We talked about our sons and how we both felt they were doing just fine. We both are so glad that they have each other. They have been friends since middle school so it is nice to have that friendship and support. We were also lucky here back at home to have each other as we went through this whole process.

We ended up hiking around 3.5 miles and both were dripping with sweat by the time we were done. We took those back packs off and had a very wet back but lifted those packs with pride knowing that we did something good!



I can't wait for my son to earn that title! And I can't wait to earn my new title... MoM (MoM of Marine)!
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