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Thursday, October 10, 2019

This is a great shot of my overall weight loss that has taken place since 2006 when I signed up with SparkPeople/ 2008 when I finally got serious.

This is a shot of my weight loss since last year.

I lose on 17-24 lbs a year on average with having been bedridden, having multiple surgeries, steroid injections, going through menopause, having low thyroid, chronic pain, being disabled, depressed at times... Having my own bouts of emotional eating and lack of support in my life...

So tell me now why we are so hard on ourselves for losing 2 pounds a month?

It’s because we have crazy madness about food and weight loss!

My point here is that we can see how it all adds up! I made a little mantra for myself, “Lose, Maintain, Just Don’t Gain.” I also stopped hopping on and off the scale like a nut job. I was so obsessed. I literally used to weigh in every time I went to the bathroom, hoping to lose an ounce. We can’t live like that. It makes us feel like failures because inevitably water weight, food or clothing... it weighs something. We illogically think we gained weight, forgetting that it takes over 3000 calories to put on a pound of fat.

We also think, OMGOSH! I had that slice of pizza, then another! I’m going to gain weight! Well maybe water weight. 2 slices of pizza do NOT have over 3000 calories. Relax. Cut out losses and grab a glass of water. We did not do enough damage to gain fat. One slice always has less calories than two. By the way, don’t take water pills to lose weight, you cannot pee out a pizza, no matter how hard you try.

I kept a journal, still do, about my crazy thoughts on food. I coach myself sane. Another crazy thought: I should eat all this bad food today and get it out of the house so I can be perfect tomorrow. Huh? Like where do we think that food is going today that it isn’t going tomorrow? Why will we be perfect tomorrow? Solution: Throw it the heck out! Give it to a food bank! Give it to the office munchers. Waste it elsewhere. If you eat it, it is still a waste because it will be stored as fat and hurt us causing health problems that cost medical bills and thriving time with our treasured loved ones.

More thoughts later,

Lots of love!

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Beth Donovan

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