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My mindset is different.

Monday, October 21, 2019

I have been working on my weight now for almost a full month. So far I have lost 13 pounds. I think this is a pretty good pace to lose. But I think this time is gonna be different. Why do I think it is gonna be different? Well, it all has to do with my mindset. I am not obsessing over every little detail. I am actually still eating everything I was. But I am watching my portions. I am weighing and measuring my food. I am logging everything I eat. I also am no longer eating just because it is on my plate. When I get full i stop eating. Which is hard for a while because i was raised that you finish everything on your plate.

I have also found something I like to do for exercise. I have a cycle type thing that makes my chair basically into a recumbent cycle. I actually have got where I have to exercise or I don't feel right. I think I am getting addicted to the feeling after a workout lol. Which is not a bad thing.

I just feel like i can actually do all the weight loss this time. I feel like i am in the right place mentally to actually follow through. I don't want to be fat anymore. I want to be able to chase my grandbabies and play with them. I want to be able to walk distances without feeling like i am gonna fall to the ground because my legs can't hold my weight. I want to not have to use the go buggies at the grocery store. I want to live my life without this weight holding me back. So i am gonna make it happen. Slowly but surely.
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