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The Medi Weightloss Jouney

Thursday, January 30, 2020

I am not going to share a day by day report. First of all, like all weightloss plans. You get out of it what you put in. I have been doing it for 16 weeks. I have lost a total of 31.5 pounds and 5.5 inches from around my waist Looking back I will admit that when I stuck to the plan, When I ate enough protein, restricted my carbs, ate healthy vegetables fruits and fats (nuts, soft cheeses etc) I lost about 1-3 pounds a week. If I ate more carbs than I should or didn't exercise I would not lose as much.

I only had one bad week. I was traveling for work and eating out with a group for 3 meals a day with a networking happy hour. Sheesh! I was very happy that I only gained 3 lbs as a result, and it was temporary, easily coming off by the next week by getting back on program. I just had a full blood panel and physical exam as a 3 month follow up.


*Every single one of my categories are in the normal range. After 2 months of my blood pressure being in the low normal range, (checked weekly) my doctor has taken me off the BP meds. I have been staying normal (I check it myself every day).
*My diet has expanded to include a large number of vegetable that I never ate before. I now fill up on my favorite chopped salad instead of bread and pasta.
*My cholesterol and triglycerides are now in a very normal range so my risk of cardiovascular events is reduced.
*I have more energy and have started to enjoy exercise and lifting weights.
*I am more active and spend more time out of the TV chair. (Not giving up my Dr Who addiction!)

I am half way to my established goal. I get to decide what it is. Unlike other plans, "I" get to make the decision about what success will look like. For me, I want to reach the BMI level that says I am no longer "Obese". Yes, I am aware that this is only ONE measurement tool, but it is a metric that is listed in ones medical records and a statistic that the insurance companies get to use to approve or deny coverage in many circumstances. So that is where I will start to work on maintenance. I plan to work just as hard to maintain that weight for 6 months before I even consider trying to lose any more. My Doctor agrees with my plan and has nothing but praise for my success.


* I have NOT stopped craving high carb foods and it takes personal resolve every single day to make the right choices. If you think that you can lose the weight without the motivation and emotional determination...well I think you are fooling yourself. When they say it is a lifestyle change...well, that means for LIFE.

* I could not do this without adding a reasonable, healthy amount of exercise. Good health and a healthy body rely on it. I truly hated it when I started, but I am getting better.

*The scale can be addictive. I weigh myself much to much and still stress out over small fluctuations and changes. I do not think this is a problem with this particular plan, but it can affect your mood. I have managed to stop doing this in the morning. You get the lowest reading in the morning , but it can affect your entire day if it is higher than you thought.

*I have got to hold back on my cheering and bragging on social media and around friends. Yes it makes me feel proud to be successful, but I think my friends are starting to find it annoying. That's why I am going to post it here only!

*Finally, weightloss programs are NOT cheep. My co-pays for following Medi are $30 on the days I see the doctor (every 3 weeks), I pay $30 a week for the B vitamin injections, and another $100 a month for all the over the counter supplements. (To be fair, I was already spending about that same amount on ones that I had been purchasing before I started medi. Supplements can be costly. If you have the time, you can shop around sales and discounts and get the same formulas cheaper) I, personally am still saving money because prior to starting I was eating out for lunch every day and spending close to $100 a week.

So if you want to here how I'm doing I will be posting a new update after every weigh in after this.

Whatever you are doing to lose weight....Stay STRONG, Believe me....If I can do it, so can YOU!!
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