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Progress Being Made, but Oldest Sick Again (or Still)

Monday, February 03, 2020

The boys got well, but then the oldest became sick again early Friday morning. I'm not sure if the previous illness wasn't completely gone or if he got a new one because his immune system was lowered by the first. Either way, he has been home again since. I think I got it now, but without the fever, and/or my allergies are going crazy with the change in weather because my sinuses are super mad again, which causes pain everywhere in my head/face.

I'm going a little crazy trying to balance kids, pets, work, helping my stepdad, and taking care of myself. I feel like I'm never going to get a break.

I am making progress with working through my anxiety. Things are getting better with that, although still a significant battle, especially with not getting adequate breaks and with sick kids and physical pain (I spent all last week with neck/shoulder and other joint pain). I'm doing a few things to help with that:

* YouVersion Bible app anxiety or joy/hope devotional plans. I did one on my own and one with a friend.
* Being conscious of triggers and calming myself in the moment.
* Being aware of that initial darkening mood, tightening muscles, holding my breath, etc... and working to stop it in it's tracks by telling myself "It's okay" or "They're just thoughts" or "That's nothing to be concerned about."
* Taking 1-3 doterra Serenity softgels, it's got lavender and some other oils in it that promote calmness/relaxation in the body.
* Focusing on the one step in front of me, which I shared in my last blog post.
* Praying when I feel worry or anxiety wash over me.
* Setting my phone aside when I go to bed... yes, I have always gone to bed with my phone, and it had never been a problem, but I realize that lately that isn't helping me either. It's a hard habit to break too, but I've been doing it for 2 weeks now.
* Asking my brother for help and stepping back with things if I am able to... also a hard habit to break!

I'm realizing that I had begun to react to EVERYTHING that was different, sudden, or made me feel anxious and/or responsible when feeling empathy for someone else. I'm an empathic person, so even things that didn't bother me were being made worse.

I've been working on my breakfast but this week I have not done oatmeal and banana yet. I had a mini bagel and cream cheese this morning.

The next thing I decided to work on was water intake instead of changing my dinner. Water is super important and I don't drink even the bare minimum without prompting or tracking. I downloaded a simple app that is just for water and it reminds me hourly to drink water. This morning I didn't log water right away and it kept asking me if I drank any yet. It's kind of annoying but it works and it's pretty simple. I'm currently working on drinking the bare minimum of 8 glasses or 64 ounces a day. Then, I'll work up from there.

I'm hoping we can all get well and stay well, and that my stepdad doesn't get this crud.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad you're finding ways to handle the anxiety. Hope the boys are both better, sick kids are tough! I was actually on reddit the other day (r/loseit) and someone posted how oatmeal kept making them feel hungrier AFTER eating than they had been before. They were saying it's because it's a carb heavy meal with little protein. Even though it's low calorie, it causes the blood sugar crash a lot like junk food! I just bought a bunch of oatmeal and I haven't eaten much because the one time I did I was super hungry after finishing...
    I pretty much eat eggs or salad when I eat breakfast now. Bagels fill me up way better too but I want the lower calories so I'll just get an easy salad from target in with lots of protein toppings!
    Hope your Tuesday is going well so far!
    500 days ago
    HUGS and hope the oldest feels better. YOU TOO!
    501 days ago
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