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Fat, the bad and the good!!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Okay, i have been reading the abs diet for women and i found all sorts of info about fats, the good and the bad. So here it is.
* Trans fat= BAD....This is a cholesterol raising, heart-weaking, diabetes-causeing, belly-building chemicals. It has been linked to over 30,000 premature deaths. Just getting 3% of your daily calories from this kinda fat increases your chances of heart disease by 50%. 3% equals about 7 grams of trans fat which is about a single oreder of fries. Manufactures came up with trans fat in the 1950's of a way to make food last longer and tast better while being cheaper to buy. Manufatures heat oil to very high tempertures and infuse it with hydrogen, the hydrogen then bonds to the oil makeing trans fat. Make sure the food you buy doesnt contain on the ingredient lable PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OIL. Which can be either vegetable oil or palm oil.
*Saturated fat= BAD....This kinda fat is known as the storage fat. It finds its way to store itself in the body which causes fat to build on your body. This kinda fat has been linked to increasing your risk for heart disease, high cholesterol levels, and some types of cancers. This fat is bad for you but it is about impossiable to find foods without it so just try to eat leaner versions of them.
*Polyunstaurated fat=GOOD.... There are two types of these fats omega-3's and omega-6's. This kinda fat can help with protecting your heart from cariovascular disease. It can also help you control your weight. If you take 6 grams of fish oil a day, it has been proven to burn more fat then without. And it does it more efficiently.You can find this fat in eggs,meat, dairy products, fish and flaxseed and flaxseed oil. It is better to eat fish and get this kinda fat because fish has tons of muscle building protein but if your not a fish eater you can take the fish oil in replace of it.
*Monounsturated fats=GOOD....This fat is found in nuts, olives,peanuts,avocados,and canola and olive oils. Like omega-3's it helps with reducing cholesterol levels and protect against heart disease, along with help in aiding in burning fat in the 5 hours following a meal high in monos than after a meal rich in saturated fats. This fat helps you to eat less and keep you full longer.
There you go in simple english, what fats to look out for and what ones are actually good for you. hope it helps.
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