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Job Offer then Hiring Freeze

Friday, June 12, 2020

I have been meeting with my vocational counselor weekly online for the last month and after applying for lots of jobs..nothing. All my applications have been denied, including the gas stations, grocery stores, the clothing stores, the pet shops ....

Then last week, I finally get a phone interview when I applied for the Fedex Ground Warehouse and lo behold, I get the job on the spot just from over the phone! I was told only to wait for a background check to come back. Then after waiting and hearing no response for a week, I ended up calling the interviewer and left a message. When I still didn't get a response, I contacted the person who scheduled my phone interview only to learn that Fedex Ground was on a sudden Hiring Freeze! Yikes.

Ok so I didn't get the job at Fedex, but now I think of it I am glad I didn't. The work would have been physically demanding like Amazon since it is a very similar type of job at a Warehouse. I was looking forward to it though since the work was less hours in a day than Amazon. A shift at Fedex is 2 hours compared to Amazon which was 4 and often required overtime! The problem I had with Amazon was I made too much and my Social Security Disability was cut off. twice during the year when I worked for Amazon and ended up hurting me financially. So I'm kind of glad I got injured and and I had to leave...otherwise I would never have quit. I rely on Social Security because I am unable to work full-time because of my health (doctor's orders after my stroke) but I can't rely on Social Security alone because I have payments for my mortgage and for my car....

Back to square one....
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