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Something to “ponder” about. Give it some thought?

Monday, June 15, 2020

I posted this on my Spark page years ago and I revisit it to help me keep myself in check. I thought it was” good food for thought” and hope it gives you some insight on your journey.
I really hope we can say we are committed! I think I am this time around! (I have been “around” several times!)

This does not mean that I haven’t been discouraged or gotten off track. I confess, I have been there many times. Please don’t take offense that I am judging you. I, by no means do not. If I did, that means I would be judging myself also. It doesn’t mean that we won’t have struggles along the way! I mean this for me just as much or more. I think if we do the right things often enough, we can become more committed! If I offend anyone with this, it is not intentional!

I did not write this myself, so I will have to say Author Unknown

“Interested vs. Committed":

If you''re "interested" in losing weight...

... You stick with it only until something better comes along (such as doughnuts)
... How you feel determines your outcome. If you don''t ''feel like it'', you stop your efforts.
... You need to see results. When the scale doesn''t move, you lose your motivation.
... You blame everything else (people, travel, circumstances) for your struggles with staying on program.
... Whenever you face challenges in life, you give up and plan you''ll start your program again tomorrow.


If you''re "committed" to losing weight...

... Nothing stops your efforts. You stick with your program, "no matter what."
... Emotions don''t control your actions. You stay on track even when you don''t feel like it.
... Your motivation isn''t linked to the scale. You assume that if you stay motivated and work hard, you''ll eventually see results.
... You don''t depend on other people for your success. You know it''s up to you, not them.
... A bad day or a lot of challenges don''t affect your efforts. You keep going in spite of it.

~~So which one are you???? "COMMITTED OR INTERESTED"????

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