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New beginnings

Monday, June 22, 2020

Been a while since I took the time to blog.

During this crazy pandemic we bought a house!!

I have never been this excited about moving. I've been in my current home since 1988, so I have a LOT of purging to do. I only wanted to move ONE final time, and this is it! I've been looking at houses since Sept of last year. So blessed to find a place that works well for what we wanted.

The guys across the street from our old house said they'd gladly take our Bowflex. I spent a bit of time gathering all the accoutrements and vacuuming to get rid of the layers of dust. For years, at the first of the year (when the gym is crowded), I'd workout at home. DH is the one who wanted the Bowflex, but he hasn't used it in years. And I sure as heck don't want to move that thing!

I also found someone who wants the elliptical. Another of DH's purchases. I despise the elliptical, but I use it when the gym is closed or when the weather is too wet for me to run outside.

Since I am now semi-retired I can get rid of at least half of my work clothes. There is a woman's shelter in town that helps women get out of abusive situations. They get them back on their feet and help them find a job. They need clothing, kid's stuff, household items, etc. The location is unknown (for safety reasons), but they have a separate location to accept donations.

Our new place has a great spot for a home gym on the top floor. The upstairs has the master bedroom, a bathroom, and a sitting area that overlooks the living room below. That's what I'll use as my exercise area. The prior owners used this as a movie spot for their kids. One wall has the chalkboard paint, so I can use that to keep track of my goals & progress for motivation.

We have a little over 1.5 acres, overlooking a pond.

this is the view from the back deck.

DH and Omar enjoying the back deck in April, our first weekend at the new place.

Less than a 3 minute walk through the woods is a gorgeous lake. There's a nice outbuilding we can use for storage, as a workshop, or to start our senior dog rescue.

And we've had all kinds of visitors

That's a momma deer and her fawn on the other side of the pond

A dove on the right, and her hatchlings on the left

Many varieties of lizards


And last weekend when my mom & I went up to fix a section of the fence around the dog yard, I am pretty sure we saw one of these:

We saw something go SUPER FAST from one side of the pond to the other. Way too fast to be a snake. I remembered seeing a nature video years ago, and I showed mom. She agrees...that's most likely what we saw.

We also have hummingbirds and at least 2 pairs of mallards.

We fixed the fence!!! My mom can do ANYTHING. I don't know what I'd do without her!

DH & I are very fortunate that our current home was paid off a year or so ago, and we didn't have to sell it to have a down payment for the new one. That means we can move on OUR schedule. Right now we pack up all of our laundry baskets with stuff we can move now, load up the car and go to the new place for a few days. Then we come back with empty laundry baskets for the next trip.

I had been working 3-5 days a week and we'd go up when I wasn't working. The office where I was working finally hired someone! Now I'm off work for the most part for the next 3 weeks! I did tell the guy I'd been working for that I would help train his new person. I want to come back here on Sundays to go to church with mom, so DH & I will come back late Saturday or early Sunday, then I'll go to the office on Mondays & help train. After work DH and I can pack up another load of stuff and head to the new place.

A good bit of our furniture is going to be left behind (everything in the living room, a china cabinet, dressers, etc).
I'll have to move a daybed, a king size bed, a dining table, 3 chests, a couple of nightstands, a baker's rack, and some bookshelves. Honestly, I doubt we'll even need a moving truck since we can take our time on getting out of the old place. We can rent a trailer and move up a few pieces of furniture per trip.

We named our new home Here We Rest, after a Jason Isbell album. It just seems to fit.

I usually post a song, so here's one from Jason (this is from Something More Than Free) That's his lovely wife, Amanda Shires, playing the fiddle.



I've been working here, Monday, it'll be a year
And I can't recall a day when I didn't wanna disappear
But I keep on showing up, hell-bent on growing up
If it takes a lifetime
I'm learning how to be alone, fall asleep with the TV on
And I fight the urge to live inside my telephone
I keep my spirits high, find happiness by and by
If it takes a life time
I got too far from my raising, I forgot where I come from
And the line between right and wrong was so fine
Well I thought the highway loved me
But she beat me like a drum
My day will come, if it takes a lifetime
I don't keep liquor here, never cared for wine or beer
And working for the county keeps me pissin' clear
The nights are dry as dust, but I'm letting my eyes adjust
If it takes a lifetime
I got too far from my raising, I forgot where I come from
And the line between right and wrong was so fine
Well I thought the highway loved me
But she beat me like a drum
My day will come, if it takes a lifetime
Man is a product of all the people that he ever loved
And it don't make a difference how it ended up
If I loved you once my friend, I can do it all again
If it takes a lifetime
We got too far from our raising and we fought 'til we went numb
You were running up a mountain in your own mind
And I thought that I was running to, but I was running from
Oh, our day will come, if it takes a lifetime
Our day will come, if it takes a lifetime

With all the moving activity & working on the fence, painting, etc at the new place...I've lost 4 lbs!!!

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