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Sunday, September 06, 2020

Spend a few minutes writing about the reasons behind your fitness and weight-loss goals. What is your true motivation? What do you hope to achieve or experience after reaching your goal?

The questions above are my assignment for today.

My three main reasons for setting my fitness and weight loss goals remain the same as when I began this journey just over a year ago. First and foremost, I want to be an inspiration to my family and friends. As my children rapidly approach (and in one case arrive at!) adulthood, I want them to see that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. That they can take and turn both themselves and their situations around (and if they cannot, then they can change their approach or way of thinking to make their lives better!). I want to give them the gift of PERSPECTIVE. And even though I am not quite at goal yet (both physically in this weight loss journey, and in my struggle to change my career path), I can already see the changes happening in my children. I can see it in their positive approach to problem solving and goal achievement, their support and empathy for others, and I AM SO HAPPY!

The second reason was simply MY HEALTH. I would like to be around to enjoy grandchildren and maybe even great grands! My blood pressure at 219 pounds was creeping up into the 139/85 range, very close to actual hypertension. I fell into the obese category. My resting heart rate was not so great at 72bpm. Diabetes and heart trouble run in my family, and as I am approaching 50 years old, I could no longer fool myself into thinking I had years and years before I needed to worry about those things. In this area, improvements were super speedy! Which was very rewarding!!! Long before reaching my goal, when my weight was still in the obese category (though I had lost 30 lbs or so), my resting heart rate had dropped to 48bpm, the blood pressure dropped back to the 115/68 range, and I felt more energetic and cheerful (I am sure getting outdoors helped in this area too). I love that I didn't even have to wait for goal to see these huge changes!!!

After I dropped from the obese to the overweight category, I scheduled my first physical exam in over 5 years (cuz who wants to go to the doc and be lectured about their weight?!?!). Had all the lab work done. All was well within normal range (including sugar, always a worry with that strong diabetic history in my family). However, doc did ask me if I had ever been told I had a heart murmur. WHAT?! Never. Somehow that little nasty showed up in my 5 years between exams. She said it was nothing to worry about. But I am worried anyway! I want to continue reaching my goals and getting more and more fit to stave off changes like this that can happen silently and insidiously.

My final reason for getting myself fit and healthy is to PARTICIPATE IN LIFE. And again, I did not have to wait for goal, so YAY! I have worn a swimsuit without much thought and swam in the ocean, lakes and pools. Splashing and having fun instead of focusing on my own silly insecurities and worrying what people I don't even know think about the way I look (and if they had any negative thoughts, I wouldn't want to be around them anyway, what the heck was I worrying for?!?!). I have climbed (well, okay, HIKED) mountains, exploring and rejoicing in the sound and glory of nature with my precious family. I have walked faster and farther than I could have imagined just one year ago! I AM RUNNING! Who could have imagined that I would be in the midst of training for my very first 5K?!?! Who would have thought that I would be scouring the internet to find some used cross country skis to go with the used (and pretty, metallic blue!) boots my husband dragged home on a whim from the gear shop? I am the proverbial old dog learning new tricks, LOL!

While I have focused on the athletic pursuits, the changes in routine, daily life are pervasive. Whether it is shopping for and trying on clothes, grocery shopping, or even just walking around taking care of life's business or doing my job, so many small (yet POWERFUL) insecurities have just faded away. I don't miss them. I am no longer imprisoned by them. I AM FREE.

And there are so many possibilities awaiting. I want to experience them all! And finishing up this journey (getting to goal) has become more about honing my ability to do just that. I know it will be a slow road now, but I don't have to sit around waiting for that magical goal weight. This body is strong and capable of so much RIGHT NOW!

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