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Day 1 - 100 DWL

Monday, September 21, 2020

My binge eating has spiraled out of control for the past couple of months. It seems to be getting only worse by the day. It's having a major effect on my mental health and I'm catching myself in critical self talk constantly. I've allowed myself more than enough time to throw a little (or actually pretty big, if I'm being honest) pity party. Now it's time to step up and make some changes. I'm so thankful I have the Biggest Loser Challenge to help motivate me and make me feel somewhat accountable for my actions. I also picked up "100 Days of Weight Loss" again today and decided it's time I start from the beginning again. I am ready to stop feeling angry, tired, and ashamed of who I am. I'm tired of hating who I am. I'm ready to live a better life and love myself.

Day 1: I used to be that way...

I used to hate my body, but now I appreciate what my body does for me every day!
I used to spend most of my time sitting or laying, but now I love seeing what my body can physically do!
I used to eat pretty much only junk food, but now I feed my body what it needs to live and thrive!
I used to quit before I even started, but now I stick with things because I really want to see what change I am capable of!
I used to drink little to no water, but now I keep my body hydrated.
I used to feed my sadness, fear, and shame with carbs and sugar, but now I feed my body what it needs because I know nutrition affects my mental wellbeing.
I used to believe that my diet had to be all or nothing - either I eat completely healthy and perfect or I eat total crap - but now I know that I don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater if I make a less-than-perfect choice.
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