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Thoughts on the story of Frankenstein

Friday, October 23, 2020

....Written as a ghost story challenge in a house on the shores of Lake Geneva, when a party of friends was trapped indoors by sinister, stormy, sunless skies after the eruption of a far-off volcano.
Strange times. What can we learn from Mary Shelley’s story?

Dr. Frankenstein, driven by an inflated sense of his own power, wishes to create a magnificent creature...maybe even a whole race. In fact, he creates a monster. When it opens its awful eyes, Frankenstein runs away in utter horror. The monster follows, killing all in its path.

Why? According to Mary Shelley, the answer is simple and found in the monster’s own words.
‘You made me. All I ever wanted was your love. Or, at least, acceptance. ..... I’m lonely, an outcast, hated. So I take my revenge. I destroy. I have learnt, in the absence of love, how to hate.’

How relevant might this be in our currently stressed world, when people are suspicious of each other because of the presence of ‘sickness’, difference, inequality and, dare I say, political leanings?

Tolerance, kindness, acceptance of difference, greater humanity... Are these things idealistic? Maybe. But they must be better than driving people to hate in the absence of love.
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