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Spark Coach exercise: Picture this: Carrying 180 lbs!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

The blog was supposed to be about picturing yourself carrying the weight you want or need to lose as dumbbells or weights in your hands and as you lose the weight seeing them drop off. Well, been there done that!

I know, I consider my journey as being easy, and not everyone is in the same place I was back then. I was minding my own business going through my emails when I saw one from sparkpeople.com. Didn't recognise it so deleted it. But you see sparkles are something I love!! so I retrieved it from my trash and read it. Free caught my eye so I decided to check it out.

I was determined to read and delete. I read it and said this is too good to be true. I went to the site and read some nutrition articles and I thought it all sounds good, like they may know what they are talking about! Then I decided I would join to prove them wrong!

During the first two weeks as the program suggested for beginners I tracked what I ate in the tracker, when all was said and done boy as I have said before what an eye opener!
Something that confused me in the beginning was that they said I could eat at least 2000 calories and still lose weight. Of course I was at least 325 lbs. and could barely move around.

Thoms1 joined me on the journey which was good for me. I live in the same household as Becky and her DH.

If you read my sparkpage or any blogs this is all old info so I won't go into it. Just know this, I weighed faithfully once a week until I got just below 200 lbs, then it was everyday! I wanted to stay as far away from 200 as I could get! It took me about 13 months to lose the first 100 lbs. I have lost a total of 187 lbs. One lb. at a time and many weeks it would be 1 ounce at a time. When I see those memes that say never ever give up, I think of Becky and me!

I've said in some blogs I count ounces going up or down the scale they all add up to a pound one way or the other!

Beginning weight 325
Current weight 138
joined spark July 5th 2008 been watching those dumbbells dropping right and left!

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